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Apache Flex Tour De Flex
The Apache Flex Tour De Flex component explorer provides a sample set of working
Apache Flex examples.
For detailed information about Apache Flex Tour De Flex and other Apache Flex
projects please visit:
Apache Flex is for the community and we would like to see more
community involvement.
The community can help the Apache Flex project by helping out in the
following areas.
- Testing / Fixing bugs. Providing patches.
- Assisting other users with their requests for help.
- Helping out with release candidates.
- Wiki / Documentation.
- Translations into other languages.
- Public relations.
- Examples of code and components.
All contributions are welcome. Continued involvement in the project may
warrant you being selected as a committer by the Apache Flex PMC.
For more details information please visit:
Mailing Lists
The two main mailing list are the user list for discussing how to code in
Flex and any issues you run into and the dev list for discussing ongoing
development of the SDK.
You can subscribe to the mailing lists by sending an email to:
Note that both mailing lists have are mid-high volume lists.
For those who prefer forums:
Reporting Bugs
The bug base for Apache Flex can be found here:
You need to set up a JIRA account to submit a bug report but can browse
and search the bug base without an account.
When reporting an issue the follow information is helpful:
- OS, browser and Flash Player version or AIR version
- Screen shots
- Small sample application showing the issue
- Steps on how to reproduce the issue
Please search through JIRA before submitting new bugs. It may be that the
bug you've found has already been reported.
Contributing Code
If you have a bug fix, new component or other code you which to give to
Apache Flex please open a JIRA ticket and attach the code to it.
A committer will take a look, review and test it and help you get the code
into the SDK.
If the code is a significant size we may ask you to sign an license
agreement (ICLA) or software grant.
Thanks for using Apache Flex. Enjoy!
The Apache Flex Project