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Apache Flex Tool API
Apache Flex Tool API 1.0.0 is the first release of an API allowing tool developers
to use all Apache Flex compilers in a uniform way.
It provides:
- The FlexToolGroup and FlexTool interfaces.
- A convenience AbstractFlexToolGroup class implementing all the FlexToolGroup methods.
- A FlexToolRegistry class using Java's ServiceLoader mechanism to find on loading
the FlexToolGroup instance.
Getting the latest sources via Git
Getting the source code is the recommended way to get the Apache Flex Tool API.
You can always checkout the latest source from Apache's source control repository
using the following commands:
git clone flex-utilities
cd flex-utilities
git checkout develop
cd flex-tool-api
Building the Apache Tool API
The Apache Flex Tool API is built using Apache Maven.
Install Prerequisites
Before building the Apache Flex Tool API you must install the following software
and set the corresponding environment variables using absolute file paths.
Relative file paths will result in build errors.
Java SDK 1.6 or greater (*1) JAVA_HOME
(for Java 1.7 see note at (*2))
Maven 2.2.0 or greater (*1) MAVEN_HOME
*1) The bin directories for MAVEN_HOME and JAVA_HOME should be added to your
On Windows, set PATH to
On the Mac (bash), set PATH to
export PATH="$PATH:$MAVEN_HOME/bin:$JAVA_HOME/bin"
On Linux make sure you path include MAVEN_HOME and JAVA_HOME.
Software Dependencies
The Apache Flex Tool API does not use any third-party code.
Using the Binary Distribution
Binary artifacts of the Flex Tool API are available on Apache's
public Maven repository.
By adding a Dependency to the following Maven artifact the
binary version of the Flex Tool API will automatically be downloaded.
Building the Source
When you have all the prerequisites in place and the environment variables
set (see Install Prerequisites above), use
cd <flex-tool-api.dir>
mvn install
Running Tests
Currently there are no tests.
Thanks for using Apache Flex. Enjoy!
The Apache Flex Project