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Steps to follow in preparation for a release of InstallApacheFlex
1. Check out the code from
2.a. If it is a major release,
- bump up the "release.version" property in the file
- reset the build.number property in the build.number file to 0
2.b. If it is a minor release, run: ant update-version
3. Create and add the following:
- Modify the RELEASE_KEYSTORE_FILE and CERT_PASSWORD_FILE variables with the correct file paths
(You need to obtain the installapacheflex_self.p12 file and its password from the previous
release manager for InstallApacheFlex)
Do not place the 2 certificate files anywhere in the installer directory or in a subdirectory under it.
If you do so the certificate files will be packaged into the source release. That would be very bad.
4. Run:
ant release
This step
- downloads all the necessary files,
- updates the version numbers in InstallApacheFlex-app.xml and sdk-installer-config-4.0.xml
- creates the .exe or .dmg file depending on the OS you are working on
- creates the source release files as a .zip file and a tar.gz file
- signs the artifacts to create corresponding .asc and .md5 files (assumes that you have a pgp
id and keypair set up and prompts for the passphrase)
5. Upload all the files under the /release directory to the following directory before calling a VOTE.{version}/{RCversion}/
6. Check that your key is contained in if not add it.