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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
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<s:View xmlns:fx=""
xmlns:s="library://" title="SpinnerList">
protected function spinnerListHandler(event:IndexChangeEvent):void
label.text = spinnerList1.selectedItem.label + " " + spinnerList2.selectedItem.label;
protected function buttonHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
if(currentState == "DemoState"){
currentState = "InfoState";
}else if(currentState == "InfoState"){
currentState = "DemoState";
<s:State name="DemoState"/>
<s:State name="InfoState"/>
<s:MultiDPIBitmapSource id="aboutIcon" source160dpi="@Embed('assets/icons/160/about.png')" source240dpi="@Embed('assets/icons/240/about.png')" source320dpi="@Embed('assets/icons/320/about.png')"/>
<s:MultiDPIBitmapSource id="demoIcon" source160dpi="@Embed('assets/icons/160/dock.png')" source240dpi="@Embed('assets/icons/240/dock.png')" source320dpi="@Embed('assets/icons/320/dock.png')"/>
<s:SpinnerListContainer includeIn="DemoState" width="100%">
<s:SpinnerList id="spinnerList1" change="spinnerListHandler(event)" width="50%" height="150">
<fx:Object label="Item A 1"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 2"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 3"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 4"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 5"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 6"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 7"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 8"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 9"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 10"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 11"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 12"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 13"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 14"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 15"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 16"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 17"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 18"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 19"/>
<fx:Object label="Item A 20"/>
<s:SpinnerList id="spinnerList2" change="spinnerListHandler(event)" width="50%" height="150">
<fx:Object label="Item B 1"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 2"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 3"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 4"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 5"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 6"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 7"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 8"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 9"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 10"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 11"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 12"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 13"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 14"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 15"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 16"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 17"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 18"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 19"/>
<fx:Object label="Item B 20"/>
<s:Label id="label" horizontalCenter="0" textAlign="center" bottom="20"/>
<s:TextArea includeIn="InfoState" skinClass="" left="10" right="10" top="10" bottom="10" editable="false" text="The SpinnerList component displays a list of items. The item in the center of the list is always the selectedItem. By default, the list wraps around.
&#xd;&#xd;You can have multiple SpinnerList controls arranged horizontally within a single border by wrapping then in a SpinnerListContainer."/>
<s:Button click="buttonHandler(event)" icon.DemoState="{aboutIcon}" icon.InfoState="{demoIcon}"/>