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<?xml version="1.0"?>
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contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with
this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
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Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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<mx:Module xmlns:fx="" xmlns:mx="library://"
paddingBottom="0" paddingTop="0" paddingLeft="0" paddingRight="0"
height="100%" width="100%"
import mx.rpc.AsyncResponder;
import mx.rpc.AsyncToken;
import mx.olap.OLAPQuery;
import mx.olap.OLAPSet;
import mx.olap.IOLAPQuery;
import mx.olap.IOLAPQueryAxis;
import mx.olap.IOLAPCube;
import mx.olap.OLAPResult;
import mx.controls.Alert;
import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
private var flatData:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(
{customer:"AAA", product:"Flex SDK", quarter:"Q1", revenue:210, cost:25},
{customer:"AAA", product:"Flex JS", quarter:"Q2", revenue:210, cost:25},
{customer:"AAA", product:"Falcon", quarter:"Q3", revenue:250, cost:125},
{customer:"AAA", product:"Falcon JX", quarter:"Q4", revenue:430, cost:75},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Flex SDK", quarter:"Q2", revenue:125, cost:20},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Flex JS", quarter:"Q3", revenue:210, cost:20},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Falcon", quarter:"Q4", revenue:320, cost:120},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Falcon JX", quarter:"Q1", revenue:280, cost:70},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Flex SDK", quarter:"Q3", revenue:375, cost:120},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Flex JS", quarter:"Q4", revenue:430, cost:120},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Falcon", quarter:"Q1", revenue:470, cost:220},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Falcon JX", quarter:"Q2", revenue:570, cost:170},
{customer:"AAA", product:"Flex SDK", quarter:"Q4", revenue:215, cost:90},
{customer:"AAA", product:"Flex JS", quarter:"Q1", revenue:210, cost:90},
{customer:"AAA", product:"Falcon", quarter:"Q2", revenue:175, cost:190},
{customer:"AAA", product:"Falcon JX", quarter:"Q3", revenue:670, cost:75},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Flex SDK", quarter:"Q1", revenue:175, cost:20},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Flex JS", quarter:"Q2", revenue:210, cost:20},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Falcon",quarter:"Q3", revenue:120, cost:120},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Falcon JX", quarter:"Q4", revenue:310, cost:70},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Flex SDK", quarter:"Q1", revenue:385, cost:120},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Flex JS", quarter:"Q2", revenue:340, cost:120},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Falcon", quarter:"Q3", revenue:470, cost:220},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Falcon JX", quarter:"Q4", revenue:270, cost:170},
{customer:"AAA", product:"Flex SDK", quarter:"Q1", revenue:100, cost:25},
{customer:"AAA", product:"Flex JS", quarter:"Q2", revenue:150, cost:25},
{customer:"AAA", product:"Falcon", quarter:"Q3", revenue:200, cost:125},
{customer:"AAA", product:"Falcon JX", quarter:"Q4", revenue:300, cost:75},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Flex SDK", quarter:"Q2", revenue:175, cost:20},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Flex JS", quarter:"Q3", revenue:100, cost:20},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Falcon", quarter:"Q4", revenue:270, cost:120},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Falcon JX", quarter:"Q1", revenue:370, cost:70},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Flex SDK", quarter:"Q3", revenue:410, cost:120},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Flex JS", quarter:"Q4", revenue:300, cost:320},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Falcon", quarter:"Q1", revenue:510, cost:220},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Falcon JX", quarter:"Q2", revenue:620, cost:170},
{customer:"AAA", product:"Flex SDK", quarter:"Q4", revenue:215, cost:90},
{customer:"AAA", product:"Flex JS", quarter:"Q1", revenue:210, cost:90},
{customer:"AAA", product:"Falcon", quarter:"Q2", revenue:175, cost:190},
{customer:"AAA", product:"Falcon JX", quarter:"Q3", revenue:420, cost:75},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Flex SDK", quarter:"Q1", revenue:240, cost:20},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Flex JS", quarter:"Q2", revenue:100, cost:20},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Falcon", quarter:"Q3", revenue:270, cost:120},
{customer:"BBB", product:"Falcon JX", quarter:"Q4", revenue:370, cost:70},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Flex SDK", quarter:"Q1", revenue:375, cost:120},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Flex JS", quarter:"Q2", revenue:420, cost:120},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Falcon", quarter:"Q3", revenue:680, cost:220},
{customer:"CCC", product:"Falcon JX", quarter:"Q4", revenue:570, cost:170}
private function creationCompleteHandler():void {
// You must initialize the cube before you
// can execute a query on it.
// Create the OLAP query.
private function getQuery(cube:IOLAPCube):IOLAPQuery {
// Create an instance of OLAPQuery to represent the query.
var query:OLAPQuery = new OLAPQuery;
// Get the row axis from the query instance.
var rowQueryAxis:IOLAPQueryAxis =
// Create an OLAPSet instance to configure the axis.
var productSet:OLAPSet = new OLAPSet;
// Add the Product to the row to aggregate data
// by the Product dimension.
// Add the OLAPSet instance to the axis.
// Get the column axis from the query instance, and configure it
// to aggregate the columns by the Quarter dimension.
var colQueryAxis:IOLAPQueryAxis =
var quarterSet:OLAPSet= new OLAPSet;
return query;
// Event handler to execute the OLAP query
// after the cube completes initialization.
private function runQuery(event:CubeEvent):void {
// Get cube.
var cube:IOLAPCube = IOLAPCube(event.currentTarget);
// Create a query instance.
var query:IOLAPQuery = getQuery(cube);
// Execute the query.
var token:AsyncToken = cube.execute(query);
// Setup handlers for the query results.
token.addResponder(new AsyncResponder(showResult, showFault));
// Handle a query fault.
private function showFault(result:Object, token:Object):void {"Error in query.");
// Handle a successful query by passing the query results to
// the OLAPDataGrid control..
private function showResult(result:Object, token:Object):void {
if (!result) {"No results from query.");
myOLAPDG.dataProvider= result as OLAPResult;
<mx:OLAPCube name="FlatSchemaCube"
<mx:OLAPDimension name="CustomerDim">
<mx:OLAPAttribute name="Customer" dataField="customer"/>
<mx:OLAPHierarchy name="CustomerHier" hasAll="true">
<mx:OLAPLevel attributeName="Customer"/>
<mx:OLAPDimension name="ProductDim">
<mx:OLAPAttribute name="Product" dataField="product"/>
<mx:OLAPHierarchy name="ProductHier" hasAll="true">
<mx:OLAPLevel attributeName="Product"/>
<mx:OLAPDimension name="QuarterDim">
<mx:OLAPAttribute name="Quarter" dataField="quarter"/>
<mx:OLAPHierarchy name="QuarterHier" hasAll="true">
<mx:OLAPLevel attributeName="Quarter"/>
<mx:OLAPMeasure name="Revenue"
<mx:Panel title="OLAPCube Control Example"
paddingBottom="10" paddingTop="10" paddingLeft="10" paddingRight="10"
height="100%" width="100%">
<mx:OLAPDataGrid id="myOLAPDG" width="100%" height="100%"/>