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# Welcome to Jekyll!
# This config file is meant for settings that affect your whole blog, values
# which you are expected to set up once and rarely edit after that. If you find
# yourself editing this file very often, consider using Jekyll's data files
# feature for the data you need to update frequently.
# For technical reasons, this file is *NOT* reloaded automatically when you use
# 'bundle exec jekyll serve'. If you change this file, please restart the server process.
# Site settings
# These are used to personalize your new site. If you look in the HTML files,
# you will see them accessed via {{ site.title }}, {{ }}, and so on.
# You can create any custom variable you would like, and they will be accessible
# in the templates via {{ site.myvariable }}.
title: Apache Flagon
description: The homepage for Apache Flagon
baseurl: "" # the subpath of your site, e.g. /blog
url: "" # the base hostname & protocol for your site, e.g.
twitter_username: ApacheFlagon
github_username: apache
output: true
path: ""
type: "docs"
layout: "docs"
priority: 10
# Build settings
markdown: kramdown
- jekyll-feed
- _pages
- Gemfile
- Gemfile.lock
- node_modules
- semantic/src
- semantic/tasks
- semantic/gulpfile.js
- semantic/dist/components
- semantic/dist/semantic.js
- semantic/dist/semantic.css
- package.json
- semantic.json