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 # Android Client of Apache Fineract CN
-Android Client is built on top of the Apache Fineract CN platform. 
+Android Client is built on top of the Apache Fineract CN platform. It is the mobile field agent application for its web counterpart
 ## Building the Project
 1. Install [Java Development Kit (JDK)](
 2. Download, install, and run the latest version of [Android Studio](
-3. Clone this repository and import it to Android Studio.
-4. Once the gradle build is finished, click on the green play button to build and run the app.
+3. Fork our repo from ``
+4. From your terminal, download a copy of the forked repo with `git clone` where `your_username` is your GitHub username.
+5. Enter the new **fineract-cn-mobile** directory with `cd fineract-cn-mobile`.
+6. Set the upstream remote to the original repository url so that git knows where to fetch updates from in future: `git remote add upstream`
+7. Import the project to Android Studio.
+ - Launch the Android Studio application
+ - Click on `File>Open...>{$FOLDER NAME}`
+5. Once the gradle build is finished, add a virtual device
+ - Click on the dropdown on the toolbar beside the green play button that has "No Devices" selected
+ ![android_no-devices](
+ - Select the "AVD MANAGER" option
+ - Click on the "Create Virtual Device" button
+ - Select a hardware device and choose "Next"
+ - Select a system image and choose "Next". You will need to download it first if it's your first time running android studio.
+ - Configure the settings for your virtual device and choose "Finish" (Default settings are recommended)
+6. Launch the created AVD in the emulator
+ - Click on the play button on the newly opened window (Android Virtual Device Manager) to launch the virtual device.
+7. Once the application has been built successfully, the login screen should appear:
 ### Demo Credentials
 You can use these credentials to log in.
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 Username: apache.demo
 Password: ven3t1@n
+### Common Errors and Fixes
+1. /dev/kvm permission denied
+ - When choosing a system image, you may come accross this issue. You can find a solution to this [here](
+2. System UI isn't responding
+ - Some time after launching the virtual device, you might encounter this error. This can be solved by choosing a virtual device of lower resolution such as the Nexus 4
 ## Contributing
 We love Pull Requests, Bug Reports, ideas, code reviews or any other kind of positive contribution.