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Changes from 3.0.7 to 3.0.8
** Bug
* [FELIX-2749] - Boolean.parseBoolean() newly defined in Java5 should not be used.
* [FELIX-2789] - Native library matching is not correctly checking additional extensions
* [FELIX-2800] - Logging will throw an NPE if no bundle is specified
* [FELIX-2802] - A failed update doesn't rollback properly
* [FELIX-2805] - Cache PackageAdmin.getBundle() result for system bundle classes
Changes from 3.0.6 to 3.0.7
** Bug
* [FELIX-2456] - Framework no longer fires UNRESOLVED event when a bundle is explicitly refreshed
* [FELIX-2693] - [Framework] Service registry should throw a ServiceException for factories resulting in a cycle
* [FELIX-2700] - Framework uses java.nio package which is not supported by CDC VM
* [FELIX-2710] - [Framework] For exploded bundles Bundle.getEntry("a/b.jar/")==Bundle.getEntry("a/b.jar")
* [FELIX-2717] - [Framework] Resolver treats multiple exports of same package as conflicting for fragment imports
* [FELIX-2725] - [Framework] Resolver is not correctly calculating exported packages for already resolved modules
* [FELIX-2728] - JarRevision does not close URLConnections which are instances of HttpURLConnection
* [FELIX-2736] - [Framework] Resolver is not correctly verifying package space consistency for dynamic imports
* [FELIX-2738] - [Framework] DirectoryContent does not handle security correctly
** Improvement
* [FELIX-2703] - [Framework] Include OSGi/Minimum EEs in default properties
* [FELIX-2721] - [Framework] Implement custom manifest parser and avoid JarFile
* [FELIX-2737] - [Framework] Optimize resolver algorithm by not re-calculating uses constraints for resolved modules
Changes from 3.0.5 to 3.0.6
** Bug
* [FELIX-2670] - [Framework] Implicit boot delegation doesn't delegate for external code in all cases
* [FELIX-2683] - [Framework] Bundle last modified time is not persisted on deployment
** Improvement
* [FELIX-2560] - Bundle URLs do not survive refreshes
** New Feature
* [FELIX-2646] - [Framework] Locking could be used to prevent concurrent access to a single bundle cache
Changes from 3.0.4 to 3.0.5
** Bug
* [FELIX-2653] - LinkageError caused by duplicate class definition during implicit boot delegation
** Improvement
* [FELIX-2645] - Add a (hidden) way to retrieve a local URL for a given bundle URL
* [FELIX-2654] - [Framework] Modify bundle cache to use a single file per bundle state
Changes from 3.0.3 to 3.0.4
** Bug
* [FELIX-2584] - No FrameworkEvent.ERROR on unchecked exception in event listener
* [FELIX-2629] - [Framework] Module class loader should return an empty enumeration for getResources()
** Improvement
* [FELIX-2619] - [Framework] Bundle cache is rechecking nonexistent files again and again
* [FELIX-2626] - [Framework] Bundle cache is rewriting some files when restarting bundles
Changes from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3
** Bug
* [FELIX-2548] - Resolver should use case sensitive indexing for capabilities
* [FELIX-2569] - Felix bundle classloader always delegates to parent loader in getResources()
* [FELIX-2589] - SecurityException "SecurityManager already installed" is thrown when calling Framework.init() multiple times with FRAMEWORK_SECURITY set
* [FELIX-2598] - Hang in Felix: thread owing a bundle lock waits for ever to lock it again
* [FELIX-2599] - When specifying the packages exported by the system bundle, attributes and directives on packages do not show up in the system bundle headers
** Improvement
* [FELIX-1022] - Classloader Exceptions should be more informative
* [FELIX-2549] - Fix some synchronization issues in content handling
* [FELIX-2555] - Log messages should contain the bundle id, when available
* [FELIX-2597] - Deadlock during delivery of resolved event
Changes from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2
** Bug
* [FELIX-2421] - Implicit bootdelegation doesn't ignore classloaders if they are inner classes
* [FELIX-2437] - Deadlock on refrsh Import and refresh
* [FELIX-2451] - Felix uses System.out to print debug messages related to resolver...
* [FELIX-2459] - Wrong error message on a missing package
* [FELIX-2466] - Unknown attributes are not stripped from Fragment-Host header
* [FELIX-2473] - Subtring matching is incorreclty matching against an empty string
* [FELIX-2479] - Required bundles not correctly re-exporting their substitutable exports
** Improvement
* [FELIX-2528] - Potential performance issue in resolver when uses constraint conflict is detected
* [FELIX-2529] - In some scenarios the resolver will not backtrack on imported package decisions
Changes from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1
** Bug
* [FELIX-2401] - NPE in org.apache.felix.framework.FilterImpl.DictionaryCapability.getAttribute(String)
Changes from 2.0.5 to 3.0.0
** Sub-task
* [FELIX-2036] - Improve resolver's generic capability/requirement model
* [FELIX-2037] - Improve resolver performance by making solution space searching smarter
** Bug
* [FELIX-995] - JRE packages are exported with wrong version
* [FELIX-1967] - Freeze finding consistent class space
* [FELIX-2080] - Updating bundles when debugging switched on might result in a deadlock with 100% CPU usage
* [FELIX-2150] - URLStreamHandlerProxy.setURL may not set query component correctly
* [FELIX-2172] - Extremely long resolve stage when running CXF-DOSGi system test
* [FELIX-2177] - Fragment bundles not loaded after second start when using autodeploy
* [FELIX-2271] - CLONE -NPE "name can't be null" when trying to install a bundle in Felix 2.0.3
* [FELIX-2273] - getClassLoader-permission required accessing classes from dynamically loaded class
* [FELIX-2281] - Bundle id order affects fragment resolution success
* [FELIX-2317] - Possible NPE for jars with null Manifest
* [FELIX-2321] - BundleException type should be properly set when installing a duplicate bundle
* [FELIX-2332] - Lots of contention on ExtensionManager.openConnection(URL)
* [FELIX-2335] - Bundle.loadClass() for system bundle doesn't obey boot delegation
* [FELIX-2356] - extension bundle cannot load class from embed jar
* [FELIX-2383] - Bundles are restarted during start level change
* [FELIX-2392] - Felix framework uses a Java5 method
** Improvement
* [FELIX-1210] - Allow jars with missing intermediate entries to be handled as if they were present in Bundle.getEntryPaths
* [FELIX-1797] - Customizable Framework startup message
* [FELIX-2035] - Reimplement framework resolver
* [FELIX-2039] - Reimplement standard OSGi LDAP filter to use new filter solution for resolver
* [FELIX-2040] - Modify framework service registry to use resolver's new capability/requirement model
* [FELIX-2041] - Look into using generics in framework code
* [FELIX-2042] - Use Gogo as the default shell for the framework distribution
* [FELIX-2324] - Support execution environment so that OBR works properly
* [FELIX-2336] - Variable substitution in configuration files should ignore mismatched delimiters
Changes from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5
** Bug
* [FELIX-1753] - The start level should check that the bundle still exists before starting it to avoid an ugly exception
* [FELIX-2087] - NPE "name can't be null" when trying to install a bundle in Felix 2.0.3
* [FELIX-2107] - Bundle.findEntries() matches '*<filePattern>' instead of '<filePattern>'
* [FELIX-2195] - Using URLDecoder.decode on locations is wrong
* [FELIX-2222] - Failure to reinstall a cached bundle will corrupt the bundle cache
Changes from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4
** Bug
* [FELIX-2056] - URLHandlersStreamHandler not getting handlers from frameworks that are inside a different classloader
* [FELIX-2067] - Fragment bundle ignored silently when the host Bundle-SymbolicName equals import package name
* [FELIX-2073] - The System Bundle is not providing WS Addressing
** Improvement
* [FELIX-2071] - Missing checks inside ModuleImpl (in Framework) which causes exceptions
Changes from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3
** Bug
* [FELIX-1838] - PackageAdmin.getExportedPackages() duplicates output for packages with different version
* [FELIX-1867] - ModuleImpl diagnoseClassLoadError throw NullPointerException for empty package name in debug mode
* [FELIX-1917] - A few minor bugs in the framework found while embedding Felix
* [FELIX-1919] - Fragment bundle cannot be linked to its host
* [FELIX-1920] - RequiredBundle.getRequiringBundles() incorrectly calculates result
* [FELIX-1929] - getStartLevel() always reports requested start level, not active start level
* [FELIX-1982] - Documented but uninterpreted felix.cache.* properties
* [FELIX-1998] - Use UTF-8 when decoding reference location URLs
* [FELIX-2002] - Uninstalled fragments are not properly detached
** Improvement
* [FELIX-37] - Implement security for bundle resource URLs
* [FELIX-325] - Factor out security checks from the framework/system bundle code
* [FELIX-1973] - Implement all required security checks
** New Feature
* [FELIX-30] - Implement extension bundles
* [FELIX-1991] - Allow boot delegation class loader to be configurable per bundle
Changes from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2
** Bug
* [FELIX-1754] - Usage of BundleContext.getServiceReferences results in failure to activate components
* [FELIX-1782] - Errors during start-up on gnu/classpath based VMs (jamvm, kaffe, cacao) and mika
* [FELIX-1795] - Bundle version ignored in Fragment-Host header
* [FELIX-1834] - No framework context found when embedding felix frameworks as bundles
** Improvement
* [FELIX-1534] - Improve fragment merging
* [FELIX-1781] - Try to reduce object allocations/usage in resolver algorithm
* [FELIX-1783] - Eliminate contention on ServiceRegistry.getServiceReferences(String, Filter)
Changes from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1
** Bug
* [FELIX-1565] - Deadlock UrlHandlers
* [FELIX-1573] - Occasional NPE in URLHandlersBundleStreamHandler
* [FELIX-1580] - Regression with native library handling
* [FELIX-1586] - Framework reports org.osgi.framework.version as 1.3
* [FELIX-1600] - ServiceReference.isAssignableTo() always returns true if requesting bundle has no wire
* [FELIX-1631] - Implicit bootdelegation causes hang on android
* [FELIX-1710] - Resolver still does not discard all partial results when a cyclical dependency fails
* [FELIX-1721] - Framework boot delegation has a bug due to extraneous code
* [FELIX-1731] - Native library extraction could be improved to help cases where there are dependencies among libraries
** Improvement
* [FELIX-1619] - Change the default auto-deploy actions to be install and start only
* [FELIX-1625] - Refactor bundle cache to simplify management
* [FELIX-1679] - VersionRange class should use finals to be thread safe.
* [FELIX-1724] - Various module metadata should be cached
** Task
* [FELIX-1617] - Modify framework, main, shell,, and obr to depend on official OSGi JAR files
Changes from 1.8.1 to 2.0.0
** Bug
* [FELIX-893] - Felix fails to start using J9 JVM
* [FELIX-905] - Felix needs an RFC 126 FindHook
* [FELIX-906] - Felix needs an RFC 126 EventHook
* [FELIX-1122] - Extension bundles are not being removed from the bundle list when uninstalled
* [FELIX-1123] - System bundle does still not correctly handle (export) package attributes
* [FELIX-1124] - ResourceNotFoundException too verbose
* [FELIX-1130] - Bundle.getHeaders() returns a Dictionary<java.util.jar.Attribute.Name,String>
* [FELIX-1138] - URL Handlers performance regression due to service lookups
* [FELIX-1170] - MemoryLeak when stopping and restarting Felix
* [FELIX-1187] - BundleContext.ungetService() should return false only if the usage count is zero when the method is invoked
* [FELIX-1197] - Bundle Fragments not resolved correctly
* [FELIX-1198] - still refers to old org.osgi.framework.startlevel property
* [FELIX-1247] - BundleEvent.UNRESOLVED should be fired during update/uninstall not refresh
* [FELIX-1249] - Bundle.findEntries() should search fragments as well as the bundle itself
* [FELIX-1254] - Bundle#findEntries does not return resources from fragments
* [FELIX-1271] - Improve manifest localization to handle special cases
* [FELIX-1272] - Need to special case getResource()/getResources()/loadClass() for fragment bundles
* [FELIX-1273] - Bundle.getResources() should return null for a non-existent resource
* [FELIX-1277] - Fix Service Hooks Tests failures in RFC 126 TCK
* [FELIX-1279] - Framework.waitForStop() does not obey timeout
* [FELIX-1280] - Package Admin - getExportedPackages must return null instead of an empty array
* [FELIX-1285] - SecureAction captures the calling context incorrectly
* [FELIX-1286] - Module class loader should use secure action instead of a privileged block
* [FELIX-1287] - System bundle operations from RFC-132 (e.g., init(), start(), stop(), waitForStop()) are using wrong lock object
* [FELIX-1288] - System bundle context should be null after stopping the framework
* [FELIX-1292] - PackageAdmin.getBundle(Class) should return null if the bundle associated with the passed in class is from another framework
* [FELIX-1293] - StringMap used for case insensitive properties does not respect ordering if case sensitivity is changed
* [FELIX-1295] - ServiceRegistry increments/decrements service use count after/before getService/ungetService() is called on ServiceFactory
* [FELIX-1371] - Automatic parent class loader delegation does not correctly filter calls to Bundle.loadClass()
* [FELIX-1397] - Required execution environment verification should happen at resolve time, not install time
* [FELIX-1400] - bootdelegation and dynamic-import-packages are accepting invalid patterns
* [FELIX-1401] - Manifest localization with fragments not handled correctly
* [FELIX-1422] - Resolver does not always discard partial results when a cyclically dependency fails
* [FELIX-1435] - Resolver does not always resolve a dynamic import to a fragment export
* [FELIX-1527] - R4.2 spec errata now specifies uninstalling a bundle must transition through INSTALLED on its way to UNINSTALLED
* [FELIX-1551] - Start level service must synchronously persist bundle start level changes
* [FELIX-1556] - Bundle.getResource/s is not able to find resources if the package is not alraedy wired when I use DynamicImport-Package: *
** Improvement
* [FELIX-712] - Ability to disable automatic parent classloader delegation
* [FELIX-883] - JarContent logs and then swallows exceptions when reading from JAR file, should probably throw an exception
* [FELIX-1120] - Enable BundleCache customization
* [FELIX-1134] - Add support for native libraries in fragments
* [FELIX-1189] - Improve error message in main when there is an error processing auto-install/start bundles
* [FELIX-1246] - PackageAdmin.getBundle() is not implemented efficiently
* [FELIX-1260] - Make Bundle.findEntries() and Bundle.getEntryPaths() more thread safe
* [FELIX-1291] - Implement support for proper return type from Framework.waitForStop()
* [FELIX-1300] - Remove legacy bundle cache support when extracting embedded JAR files
* [FELIX-1360] - Improve native library matching algorithm (part 2)
* [FELIX-1404] - Use provided classes from OSGi R4.2 companion code
* [FELIX-1432] - Manifest parser doesn't return import package declarations in order of manifest
* [FELIX-1462] - Felix framework launcher should only use standard launching API
** New Feature
* [FELIX-33] - Implement system bundle update
* [FELIX-749] - Add support for lazy activation of bundles
* [FELIX-1193] - Implement org.osgi.framework.bundle.parent from RFC 132
* [FELIX-1205] - Update to the latest OSGi R4.2 API
* [FELIX-1244] - Add support for ServiceEvent.MODIFIED_ENDMATCH
* [FELIX-1250] - Support service exceptions for service factories
* [FELIX-1289] - Support for FrameworkUtil.getBundle()
* [FELIX-1297] - Implement support for new org.osgi.framework.command.execpermission configuration property
* [FELIX-1298] - Implement support for new org.osgi.framework.library.extensions configuration property
* [FELIX-1446] - Framework launcher should automatically deploy bundles in bundle directory
* [FELIX-1478] - Add shutdown hook to launcher to cleanly shutdown the framework if the process is killed
** Task
* [FELIX-1144] - The NOTICE file for Main subproject is not correctly copied into the source JAR
** Test
* [FELIX-1208] - Need migrate the EventDispatcherTest to newer version of EasyMock
Changes form 1.6.1 to 1.8.0
** Bug
* [FELIX-1034] - bootdelegation property seems to be matching more packages than desired
* [FELIX-1059] - DynamicImport-Package matches more packages than desired
** Improvement
* [FELIX-1060] - URLHandlers doesn't support URLStreamHandler.openConnection(proxy,url) method
** New Feature
* [FELIX-29] - Implement bundle fragments
Changes from 1.6.0 to 1.6.1
** Bug
* [FELIX-1027] - deadlock with felix 1.6.0 ?
* [FELIX-1028] - NPE in configuration view when running webconsole with Equinox
* [FELIX-1033] - Exceptions when Felix is started with security manager
* [FELIX-1035] - deadlock observed while using fileinstall to monitor multiple directories
* [FELIX-1045] - Felix 1.6.0 fails with ClassCircularityError
Changes from 1.4.1 to 1.6.0
** Bug
* [FELIX-737] - Resolver does not correctly discard export when module imports the same package (part 2)
* [FELIX-852] - Fragment support is currently limited to directly resolved hosts
* [FELIX-869] - SCR throws exception on invalidating a component with a reference to a service that was already unregistered
* [FELIX-891] - Bundle lock acquisition should not record lock until it verifies the bundle is lockable
* [FELIX-892] - ServiceReferenceImpl improper implementation of equals and hashcode
* [FELIX-893] - Felix fails to start using J9 JVM
* [FELIX-897] - Empty system package is exported when a semicolon is present in "extra" configuration
* [FELIX-902] - Empty bundle.state file produces NPE
* [FELIX-910] - Framework may ignore framework startlevel on startup
* [FELIX-911] - Potential deadlock between Bundle.stop() and BundleContext.registerService()
* [FELIX-915] - PackageAdmin returns null on getBundle(...) with system classes
* [FELIX-934] - Bootdelegation bug
* [FELIX-947] - Behaviour of startlevel comman doesn't adhere to spec
* [FELIX-948] - ServiceReferenceImpl.compareTo should handle other types than integer for service ranking
* [FELIX-951] - Deadlock in iPojo when stopping Felix
* [FELIX-952] - Exception thrown when unregistering services because the bundle is stopped
* [FELIX-953] - Bundle#loadClass sometimes return null instead of throwing a CNFE
* [FELIX-961] - 100% CPU looping inside uses calculation
* [FELIX-962] - Erroneous class loading delegation to the application launcher classloader in some cases
* [FELIX-969] - system bundle does not correctly handle (export) package attributes
* [FELIX-971] - Exception thrown in ServiceTracker at shutdown
* [FELIX-978] - Resolver does not clean up properly on a failed recursive attempt to resolve
* [FELIX-1004] - Extensionmanager openConnection(URL) method should be public
* [FELIX-1005] - Strange list of imported packages returned by the package admin
** Improvement
* [FELIX-681] - Modify daemon threads to catch all exceptions and log them to avoid premature thread death
* [FELIX-851] - Refactor the module abstraction layer to align more closely to OSGi concepts
* [FELIX-872] - JarContent swallows exception when opening manifest, it should log it
* [FELIX-883] - JarContent logs and then swallows exceptions when reading from JAR file, should probably throw an exception
* [FELIX-894] - Loosen locking when starting/stopping/uninstalling a bundle by firing event without holding a lock
* [FELIX-908] - Unsynchronize access to bundle state inside BundleInfo by making the variable volatile
Changes from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1
* [2008-12-19] Refactor the URLHandlers implementation to fix a possible
Linkage-Error when running embedded inside tomcat. Furthermore, make it possible
to dynamically set a SecurityManager, change the url we add to the framework
classloader to fix issues with rmi and make sure we restore the previous URLStreamHandlerFactory
after stopping. (FELIX-842, FELIX-837, FELIX-844, FELIX-827)
* [2008-12-19] Add missing in JRE 1.4 and 1.5. (FELIX-854)
* [2008-12-19] Improve framework internal locking protocol.
* [2008-12-18] Fixed an issue where bundles with a non-existing native library
would not be removed correctly. (FELIX-835)
* [2008-11-21] Throw an exception when there is an attempt to start or stop a
fragment, as per the spec. (FELIX-820)
* [2008-11-20] Fixed a bug during shutdown where uninstalled fragments are not
properly closed. (FELIX-819)
* [2008-11-14] Added partial support for new service registry hooks as proposed
for OSGi R4.2; currently, only listener hooks are supported. (FELIX-804)
* [2008-11-08] Fixed Felix' delegation hack so that it correctly delegates to
the parent class loader for resources as appropriate; previously it was always
delegating for class loading, which was incorrect. (FELIX-808)
Changes from 1.2.2 to 1.4.0
* [2008-11-05] URLStreamHandlerService and ContentHandlerService override
built-in handlers and make it possible to use URLHandlers when extending the
Felix class. (FELIX-756, FELIX-800)
* [2008-11-04] Implement ServiceReference.compareTo() method. (FELIX-799)
* [2008-10-31] Fix some visibility issues in the LDAP operators which could
result in incorrect toString values. (FELIX-765)
* [2008-10-31] Fixed spec compliance issues around getting a service reference
from an invalid registration and throwing an exception when there are
duplicate property keys. (FELIX-798)
* [2008-10-21] Fixed an issue with extension bundles which would be installed
as fragments and fail to install extension bundles if they have incomplete
metadata. (FELIX-770)
* [2008-10-21] Fix a possible deadlock in URLHandlers. (FELIX-748)
* [2008-10-16] Modified framework to have default values for the system
packages property, which also required modifying main to no longer expect to
set it. Now it is possible to start Felix with no configuration properties.
* [2008-10-16] Update felix to work with the 1.0.0-rc1 version of the android
* [2008-10-15] Implemented remaining PackageAdmin methods from R4. (FELIX-35)
* [2008-10-15] Modified resolver to correctly mark fragment modules as resolved.
* [2008-10-15] Modified the resolver to longer consider uninstalled fragments
and hosts when resolving dependencies; this required a new "stale" flag on
modules that gets set when their associated bundle is uninstalled. (FELIX-776)
* [2008-10-15] Modified the resolver to sort candidates when resolving
Require-Bundle dependencies. (FELIX-775)
* [2008-10-14] Modified ExportedPackage.getImportingBundles() to include
bundles requiring the exporting bundle, in addition to those bundles
importing the package. Also tried to simplify dependency management code
by separating it out. (FELIX-764)
* [2008-10-14] Fix a NullPointerException in SecureAction when a
SecurityManager is used by keeping pointers on the local stack. (FELIX-766)
* [2008-10-13] Use System.gc to allow to update and uninstall bundles with
native libs on Windows. (FELIX-733)
* [2008-10-10] Set the activator to null on Bundle.stop() to allow for earlier
garbage collection. (FELIX-762)
* [2008-10-10] Implements support for flushing the cache on framework
initialization. (FELIX-755)
* [2008-10-10] Improve exception messages. (FELIX-750)
* [2008-10-09] Modified the bundle cache to no longer have profiles. (FELIX-754)
* [2008-10-08] Modified the Felix API to aligned with the proposed standard
OSGi framework API. The framework instance can now be stopped and restarted.
* [2008-09-29] Support transiently starting/stopping bundles. (FELIX-713)
* [2008-09-25] Correctly discard exported packages when a bundle is chosen to
import a package it exports. (FELIX-736)
* [2008-09-24] Clearly distinguish between "resolved" and "unresolved"
capabilities, which is necessary since "resolved" capabilities have higher
priority than "unresolved" ones. (FELIX-730)
* [2008-09-24] Do not bootdelegate in the case where Bundle.loadClass() has
been used. (FELIX-712)
* [2008-09-23] Improve decoding of reference URLs. (FELIX-731)
* [2008-09-23] For completeness, added symbolic names to framework and main.
* [2008-09-17] Improve gc by fixing an issue with StartLevel and PackageAdmin.
* [2008-09-15] Fix an issue with Require-Bundle not aggregating packages
correctly. (FELIX-722)
* [2008-09-15] Fixed a bug where class loader delegation for dynamic imports
was happening when it shouldn't. (FELIX-724)
* [2008-09-12] Added a configuration property to determine whether installing a
fragment that uses unimplemented features throws an exception or logs a
warning. (FELIX-725)
* [2008-09-12] Removed some experimental code for "implicit requirements",
since it was no longer needed.
* [2008-09-12] Fix some visibility issues within the LDAP filter. (FELIX-721)
Changes from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2
* [2008-10-14] Fixed a NullPointer exception that could happen when
running with a SecurityManager as a backport of FELIX-766.
Changes from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1
* [2008-09-05] Fixed a performance regression that was caused by uncached
access to the bundle manifest headers. (FELIX-711)
* [2008-09-03] Fixed a bug in calculating the system bundle's exported
packages which added a null export package.
Changes from 1.0.4 to 1.2.0
* [2008-08-29] Support JAR-wide manifest package metadata. (FELIX-682)
* [2008-08-29] Throw an exception when installing a fragment that uses
features that we do not support.
* [2008-08-20] Improve error reporting when loading bundle classes using
* [2008-08-16] Fix attribute checking when resolving dynamic imports.
* [2008-08-08] Implement singleton bundle support. (FELIX-102)
* [2008-08-06] Default to current security policy if no security extension is
installed in order to make Subject.doAs work. (FELIX-654)
* [2008-08-04] Return Bundle.getLastModified() for bundle URLs
lastModified(). (FELIX-582)
* [2008-08-04] Improve handling of improper resource URLs. (FELIX-577)
* [2008-08-01] Add necessary stub methods to implement new R4.1 methods.
* [2008-08-01] Applied patch to properly return symbolic name when it has
parameters. (FELIX-650)
* [2008-07-25] Fix some rollback issues after a bundle update throws an
exception. (FELIX-647)
* [2008-07-23] Modified manifest parser to be more lenient. (FELIX-641)
* [2008-07-07] Add support for the standard symbolic name for the system
bundle. (FELIX-602)
* [2008-06-01] Add initial fragment support for extending the host bundle
class path. (FELIX-29, FELIX-656)
Changes from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4
* [2008-04-18] Check that the returned object from a service factory is an
instance of all classes named when the service was registered. (FELIX-540)
* [2008-04-13] Fix an issue when logging messages while holding framework
internal locks that could lead to a deadlock. For now we just disable
logging to log services inside the framework. (FELIX-536)
* [2008-04-13] Implemented various small performance improvments e.g.,
we now cache filters and create an index for objectclass to improve
service lookup performance and don't use the BundleInfo to get the
bundle id but the BundleImpl directly. Furthermore, we added an index to
get bundles by id.
* [2008-04-04] Fix an NoClassDefFoundError when trying to query the
framework classloader for whether a class is available or not.
* [2008-03-19] Don't try to resolve extension bundles and fix a
classcastexception that could happen if more then one framework is around
and both have extensions installed. Furthermore, make extension bundles
use the system bundle context.
* [2008-03-07] Bundle.getResource does now check for AdminPermission.
* [2008-03-06] Make urlhandlers work when a handler factory is already set.
Furthermore, it is now possible to have more then one framework running
in more then one classloader. (FELIX-38).
* [2008-03-05] Make LDAP filter reentrant.
* [2008-02-29] Refactored the IContent abstraction from the module loader
layer to provide more generic access to the content of the module. This
makes it possible that a bundle's class path could span multiple module's,
which will be necessary for fragments. (FELIX-29)
* [2008-02-27] Applied a patch to disable the class loading diagnostic message
when the logger is not at the DEBUG level. (FELIX-500)
* [2008-02-15] Modified the service registry to use more fine-grained locking
to avoid callbacks to service factories while holding locks. (FELIX-489)
Changes from 1.0.1 to 1.0.3
* [2008-01-27] Moved framework docs to main, since the launcher examples now
depend on main for the auto-property handling.
* [2008-01-25] Applied patches to improve how Felix finds resources when
getResources() is called. (FELIX-466, FELIX-467)
* [2008-01-25] Make FilterImpl.toString() add escape characters where needed.
* [2008-01-16] Fix a NPE on framework restart when extension bundles are
* [2008-01-15] Try to fix a potential visibility issue on loading a class
form a bundle where it seems to be possible that we create two classloaders
instead of one.
* [2008-01-15] Modified boot delegation to not terminate when delegating to
parent class loader for non-java.* packages. (FELIX-463)
* [2008-01-04] Fix some issues related to directories on the bundle class
path. Specifically, leading slashes created an issue and are now stripped
and entries were not being properly filtered when enumerating the contents
of a class path directory. (FELIX-426)
* [2007-12-20] Modified logger to have all of its public methods be final to
avoid it from being extended in undesired ways via the constructor supplied
logger. (FELIX-428)
* [2007-12-20] The TCK has changed to verify that bundles do not depend on
themselves, so we filter that case now.
* [2007-12-20] Applied patch from Guillaume Nodet to properly fire a framework
error event only when a bundle cannot be resolved. (FELIX-441)
* [2007-12-19] Modified framework to accept a Logger instance so that host
applications can do custom logging until the log service arrives. (FELIX-428)
* [2007-12-19] Add support for loading bundles on Google Android (FELIX-440).
* [2007-12-18] Improve native code loading - bundle installation will now
fail in case a native library is not in the jar and we only use the first
library of a given name. Furthermore, we now support .dylib extensions on
the mac as well as others; should make it possible to use .netmodules as
well. (FELIX-439)
* [2007-12-17] Make the win32 alias match any version of windows for native
clauses. (FELIX-438)
* [2007-12-14] Removed auto-property processing out of the framework and
into the default launcher, i.e, main. (FELIX-393)
* [2007-12-13] Fix a StackOverflowError in URLHandlers.createStreamHandler()
when creating URL on jamvm and Mika. This patch resolves an unfortunate
interaction between our ExtensionManager and the URLHandlers by making the
URLHandlers aware of the extension protocol. Pretty much like we do already
for the bundle protocol. (FELIX-435)
* [2007-11-26] Fix a small oversight in the extension manager that could lead
to a null pointer exception and save some memory by creating less objects.
* [2007-11-26] Degrate to version 0.0.0 if we can not find the
for some reason and avoid a null pointer in this case.
* [2007-11-08] Reorganized usage count methods to better handle null
reference checking in response to Karl Pauls seeing an NPE when trying to
get a service that was already unregistered while shutting down the
* [2007-11-06] Added a simple check to detect and work around a bug in J9.
* [2007-10-30] Change how the extension manager url stream handler handles
request to the root path in order to make some tomcat issue go away.
* [2007-10-26] Added support for "/" bundle resources as requested. (FELIX-383)
* [2007-10-24] Use system bundle when firing a framework error event when an
install error occurs.
* [2007-10-22] Fix a NPE when getEntryPaths is called on the system bundle.
* [2007-10-16] Modifies bundle resource URL handling such that if a resource
URL points to a resource that does not exist, a bundle class path search
for the resource will be instigated and if any matching resource is found,
that one will be used instead. (FELIX-383)
* [2007-10-10] Auto-property handling now installs bundles into the default
bundle start level if a start level is not specified. (FELIX-359)
* [2007-10-08] Overwrite the URLStreamHandler.getHostAddress(URL) in the
ExtensionManager to immediately return null to prevent DNS lookup.
* [2007-09-30] Resolved a concurrency issue that could result in the same
bundle being resolved more than once; also tried to simplify locking in
the core search policy implementation. (FELIX-381)
Changes from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1
* [2007-07-23] Fixed a bug in the framework shutdown process which was
causing threads calling Felix.stopAndWait() to not get notified that
the framework had shutdown. (FELIX-329)
* [2007-08-15] Fixed a bug in the LDAP filter which was not thread safe
on execution. (FELIX-338)
* [2007-08-17] Added support for persistent last used bundle ID to avoid
re-use of bundle identifiers. (FELIX-339)
* [2007-08-23] Modified BundleImpl.getHeaders(Locale) to accept a null
locale. (FELIX-346)
* [2007-09-11] Added support to handle external termination of Felix
which was not handled or detected and prevented a restart of future
Felix instances in the same VM. (FELIX-363)
* [2007-09-12] Add support for Collection values in the LDAP filter to
match the 4.1 spec.
* [2007-09-12] Fixed a bug in the LDAP filter where attributes where
limited to [a-zA-Z ] so didn't allow for e.g., numbers. (FELIX-361)
* [2007-09-13] Enable support for exporting the same package more than
once (FELIX-101).
* [2007-09-13] Returns the system bundle from a call to
PackageAdmin.getBundle(Class) in case the class comes from the
classloader (or one of its parents) that loaded Felix and the system
bundle exports the package.
* [2007-09-16] Fixed a bug in class space filtering in the service registry
that could result in class cast exceptions for service clients.
* [2007-09-16] Fixed a bug that prevented extension bundle exports to be
Changes from 0.8.0-incubator to 1.0.0
* [2007-01-18] Added support for bundle header localization. (FELIX-27)
* [2007-01-22] Modified framework resolver to support a generic
capability/requirement model.
* [2007-01-22] Reorganized and centralized manifest parsing code and added
support for resolver's generic capability/requirement model. (FELIX-98)
* [2007-01-22] Improved native library naming normalization. (FELIX-26)
* [2007-01-23] No longer eagerly resolving classes loaded from modules
since this was causing verification errors with IBM J9.
* [2007-01-25] Added some support for execution environment checking.
* [2007-01-29] Added support for getAllServiceReferences(). (FELIX-32)
* [2007-01-31] Added Require-Bundle support to resolve using the generic
capability/requirement model of the resolver. (FELIX-28)
* [2007-02-05] Fixed a bug in processor type normalization for x86-64
* [2007-02-09] The resolver previously ignored packages that were pending
removal when resolving new bundles, now it does not.
* [2007-02-09] Bundles are automatically refreshed when updated/uninstalled
if none of their exported packages are in use.
* [2007-02-13] Added support for extension bundles. (FELIX-30)
* [2007-03-02] Added a Bundle.getBundleContext() method until actual
support for OSGi R4.1.
* [2007-04-26] Modified Bundle.findEntries() to return URLs to directory
entries as well as file entries.
* [2007-05-06] Modified LDAP evaluator to special case the fact that
BigDecimal is not available in Foundation profile.
* [2007-05-21] Made some performance improvements in LDAP evaluation.
* [2007-05-22] Modified JAR file to include Service Tracker package.
* [2007-05-22] Improved concurrency handling around checking for already
loaded classes and defining classes.
* [2007-06-05] Modified resource URLs to use port number rather than
prepend information to the resource path.
* [2007-06-13] Improved dynamic imports to cycle through all available
candidates when checking for class space consistency.
* [2007-06-18] Improved service registry filtering based on class versions
to allow a bundle to register a service for a different version of class
that it can access.
* [2007-06-21] Modified our "last ditch effort" to guess when to delegate
to the system bundle to make it a little more robust.
* [2007-06-29] Fixed a bug in EventDispatcher that was causing asynchronous
events to not be fired after stopping the framework instance and creating
a new instance. (FELIX-314)
* [2007-07-03] Fixed a bug in EventDispatcher that would not correctly
update a listener when it implemented multiple listener interfaces.
* [2007-07-04] Modified Felix framework class to implement the Bundle
interface to improve the startup/shutdown sequence and to provide a
simplified API for creating framework instances.
* [2007-07-11] Removed the PropertyResolver-related classes and now only
use Maps for configuration properties. (FELIX-324)