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Changes from 3.4.0 to 3.5.0
** Improvement
* [FELIX-5764] - Update to bnd version 3.5
Changes from 3.3.0 to 3.4.0
** Bug
* [FELIX-5527] - Bundle plugin Embed-Dependency complains about class files in META-INF
* [FELIX-5592] - Maven bundle plugin does not support Java 9 Multi-Release jars
* [FELIX-5712] - Maven Bundle Plugin - Broken and non https links
* [FELIX-5734] - The plugin generates wrong service requirements when using a jndi name in jpa
** Improvement
* [FELIX-5760] - Update to bnd version 3.4
Changes from 3.2.0 to 3.3.0
** Bug
* [FELIX-5579] - Bundle Plugin uses insecure maven-archiver 2.5
* [FELIX-5582] - maven-bundle-plugin: Make sure Closeable resources are closed
** Improvement
* [FELIX-5424] - Augment exported service metadata
* [FELIX-5581] - Update to bndlib 3.3.0
Changes from 3.0.1 to 3.2.0
** Bug
* [FELIX-5116] - Dump SCR component definitions broken
** Improvement
* [FELIX-5149] - Update to bndlib 3.1.0
* [FELIX-5253] - Update to bndlib 3.2.0
** New Feature
* [FELIX-4009] - maven bundle plugin should be integrated directly with eclipse
* [FELIX-5233] - New JPA analyser for the maven bundle plugin
* [FELIX-5258] - Add a new MOJO which verifies the bundle integrity
Changes from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1
** Bug
* [FELIX-5062] - maven-bundle-plugin includes tests dependencies in package analysis
* [FELIX-5070] - Simple syntax for specifying embedded dependencies has broken
** Improvement
* [FELIX-5073] - Option to create dependency-reduced-pom exists
Changes from 2.5.5 to 3.0.0
** Improvement
* [FELIX-5047] - Disable bnd ScrPlugin by default
* [FELIX-5030] - Do not require a pom.xml when Polyglot Maven is used
* [FELIX-5029] - Update to bnd 3.0.0
Especially the update to bnd 3.0.0 brings many fixes and improvements,
including support for OSGi Enterprise R6 DS annotations and Metatype
Changes from 2.5.4 to 2.5.5
** Bug
* [FELIX-4882] - Correctly use Maven Plugin Tools Java 5 annotations instead of javadoc tags
* [FELIX-4892] NPE in maven-bundle-plugin
* [FELIX-4874] IllegalArgumentException: Invalid syntax for version: 0.1-SNAPSHOT
* [FELIX-4956] Embed latest bndlib
* [FELIX-3565] Embed-Transitive leaks transitive dependencies of excluded artifacts
* [FELIX-4823] Filtering snapshots is failing if version qualifier contains more than "SNAPSHOT"
* [FELIX-4691] Empty string value for property causes build failure
** Improvement
* [FELIX-4809] More flexibility for selecting the comparison artifact
* [FELIX-3994] Optional merging of duplicate manifest headers
* [FELIX-3324] Allow maven-bundle-plugin:manifest to dump SCR component definitions generated by bnd
Changes from 2.5.3 to 2.5.4
** Bug
* [FELIX-4556] - Maven Bundle Plugin fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, "Invalid Class File" errors with Java 8 features
* [FELIX-4659] - The maven bundle plugin incorrectly reports cardinality on service references in the generated generic requirements
* [FELIX-4817] - Baseline plugin is not thread safe
* [FELIX-4679] - Import package not generated for the classes used in throw clause in a private method.
** Improvement
* [FELIX-4666] - The baseline goal should print out the resolved version used for comparison
* [FELIX-4824] - Add support for prepending instructions
Changes from 2.5.2 to 2.5.3
** Bug
* [FELIX-4619] - Debug output of project properties
Changes from 2.5.0 to 2.5.2
** Bug
* [FELIX-4574] - The maven-bundle-plugin only generates Provide-/Require-Capabilities for SCR if version is 1.1.0
* [FELIX-4576] - Bad Require-Capability generation when the SCR target filter has no parentheses
** Improvement
* [FELIX-4596] - Passing configuration values to the maven-bundle-plugin
** New Feature
* [FELIX-4591] - add the ability to specify the classifier in the new baseline configuration of the plugin.
Changes from 2.4.0 to 2.5.0
** Improvement
* [FELIX-3381] - Support for {maven-test-resources} and {maven-test-sources} placeholders
* [FELIX-4205] - "null" Bundle-Activator causes bundle to fail
* [FELIX-4518] - Provide a way to disable some plugins
* [FELIX-4539] - Update to Bndlib 2.3.0
** New Feature
* [FELIX-3462] - Nicer Manifest formatting
* [FELIX-4512] - Add a new Mojo to invoke the BND Baseline tool
* [FELIX-4517] - Generate generic capabilities and requirements for services from blueprint and scr descriptors
Changes from 2.3.7 to 2.4.0
** Bug
* [FELIX-3293] - Exception while creating empty fragment bundles with version 2.3.6
* [FELIX-3349] - wrong bundle manifest contents in some cases
* [FELIX-3352] - Maven Bundle Plugin ignores resource properties configured inside <filters> section
* [FELIX-3407] - Imports are missed for generics
* [FELIX-3497] - Wrong artifact type attached as a secondary artifact when project packaging is set to "pom"
* [FELIX-3582] - finalName not properly populated in maven-bundle-plugin with buildnumber-maven-plugin
* [FELIX-3585] - Dependencies with classes or resources in the default package cannot be embedded
* [FELIX-3601] - Incorrect namespace in component XML for DS Annotations
* [FELIX-3619] - "IOException: Failed to delete repository.xml while trying to rename" in maven-bundle-plugin
* [FELIX-3630] - Packages exported by bundle are (re)-imported with incorrect version
* [FELIX-3638] - Missing package import for annotation default value
* [FELIX-3772] - maven-bundle-plugin does not scan blueprint in workspace outside default location
* [FELIX-3973] - Exclusion from {local-packages} doesn't work anymore
* [FELIX-4005] - Maven Bundle Plugin fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, "Invalid Class File" errors with Java 8 features
* [FELIX-4017] - @ProviderType does not work (bnd "provide:=true" annotation?)
** Improvement
* [FELIX-3277] - Support BND Service Component generation
* [FELIX-3602] - The bundle plugin should generate the blueprint header with the file locations
** Wish
* [FELIX-4067] - Old BND used causes problems during annotations processing
Changes from 2.3.6 to 2.3.7
** Bug
* [FELIX-3347] - Upper-case environment variables end up in final manifest
* [FELIX-3310] - [patch] maven-bundle-plugin build fails with maven3 (manageArtifactSystemPath is missing)
* [FELIX-3254] - manifest goal generates wrong Export-Package when Embed-Dependency
** Improvement
* [FELIX-3300] - Avoid warning about superfluous export-package instructions for empty directories
** Task
* [FELIX-3299] - Fix instable tests in BundlePluginTest
Changes from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6
** Bug
* [FELIX-3031] - maven3 deployment fails where maven2 works
* [FELIX-3037] - Plugin does not work with Java 5
* [FELIX-3058] - maven-bundle-plugin 2.3.5 incompatible with maven-source-plugin (regression)
* [FELIX-3073] - can't deploy snapshot bundle to remote OBR
* [FELIX-3173] - Local OBR install failes when there is a space in the full path
* [FELIX-3185] - Negative Embed-Dependency clauses aren't handled correctly
* [FELIX-3188] - [PATCH] exception org.apache.maven.project.artifact.InvalidDependencyVersionException has already been caught
* [FELIX-3206] - Restore the BND analyzer approach which creates a MANIFEST.MF based on the contents of the jar
* [FELIX-3209] - Make sure the properties passed to BND only include string values
* [FELIX-3222] - [PATCH] build fails with "unreported exception"
* [FELIX-3238] - Unable to filter out classes from identical package in a dependency
** Improvement
* [FELIX-2872] - Provide a way to have an easier to read manifest
* [FELIX-3061] - improvements to Embed-Dependency logic to allow better m2e integration
* [FELIX-3092] - Support relative paths in "urlTemplate" parameter of "bundle:index" goal in maven bundle plugin
** New Feature
* [FELIX-3165] - Add an option to the manifest goal that will copy any BND generated resources to the target folder
* [FELIX-3208] - Provide default value for sourcepath when using BND -sources=true
* [FELIX-3210] - Maven bundle plugin remote-clean goal without user confirmation
Changes from 2.3.4 to 2.3.5
** Bug
* [FELIX-1039] - Inconsistency packaging vs. type
* [FELIX-1571] - Bundle-ClassPath without "." while using maven-bundle-plugin in a war project confuses the plugin
* [FELIX-1734] - The _donotcopy is ignored
* [FELIX-1985] - Error when Include-Resource instruction contains duplicate paths.
* [FELIX-2346] - mvn bundle:clean removes all, even the existing resources
* [FELIX-2427] - maven site crashes
* [FELIX-2435] - <supportedProjectType> on a WAR file will switch the project to generate jar artifacts
* [FELIX-2449] - Resource filtering does not use Maven properties specified on the mvn command line via -D command line switches
* [FELIX-2656] - Maven-bundle-plugin identified as not thread-safe in Maven 3.0
* [FELIX-2722] - With an empty organization like this <organization/>, maven bundle plugin raises a NPE.
* [FELIX-2765] - bundle plugin throw IllegalArgumentException while do the install
* [FELIX-2819] - packageinfo files in src/main/java are ignored
* [FELIX-2820] - Provide a default value when using <_wab/>
* [FELIX-2884] - The multiplicity isn't taken into account by the maven bundle plugin and bundlerepository when generating the repository xml
* [FELIX-2914] - Nullpointer exception on mvn install if the pom contains organization/url but not organization/name
* [FELIX-2934] - Bundle-ClassPath contains "." despite using _wab instruction
** Improvement
* [FELIX-1836] - Maven resource filtering support for obr.xml
** New Feature
* [FELIX-3011] - Add a new goal to save the bnd instructions that would be passed onto bnd, to allow people to use other toolchains such as bndtools
** Task
* [FELIX-344] - Generate standard maven documentation for the maven-bundle-plugin
Changes from 2.2.0 to 2.3.4
* [2011-02-01] FELIX-2817: The maven-bundle-plugin manifest goal should honor the supportedProjectTypes configuration setting.
* [2011-01-27] FELIX-2808: maven-bundle-plugin should scan for local packages by looking for *.class files instead of *.java so that all the JVM languages can be supported.
* [2011-01-27] FELIX-2809: maven-bundle-plugin should automatically add "resolution:=optional" to imported packages that are in optional maven dependencies.
* [2011-01-29] FELIX-2811: If <Private-Package>!*</Private-Package> is defined the all packages should be exported by {local-packages}
* [2011-01-29] FELIX-2812: The <Embed-Dependency> filter can fail if your matching against multiple "*" artifact ids.
Changes from 2.1.0 to 2.2.0
* [2010-11-17] FELIX-2701: Add {local-packages} macro, expands to local packages in <Export-Package> instruction
* [2010-10-25] FELIX-2176: Update to latest bndlib (1.15.0)
Changes from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1
* [2009-09-03] FELIX-1461: make local repository updates a bit more atomic
* [2009-09-03] Temporary local bnd patch for Include-Resource bug on Windows
* [2009-09-03] FELIX-1539: include additional source directories in local package calculation
* [2009-09-03] FELIX-1439: add project organization name/url properties
* [2009-09-03] FELIX-1501: use getProperty() instead of getProperties().getProperty()
* [2009-09-03] FELIX-1552: add bnd support for blueprint and spring-dm declarations
* [2009-09-03] FELIX-1148: apply local patch for MSHARED-101
* [2009-09-03] FELIX-981: avoid spurious split package warnings
* [2009-09-03] FELIX-1290: warn if Embed-Dependency doesn't match any dependencies
* [2009-09-03] FELIX-1021: remove expression from classifier parameter (ie. same as jar plugin)
* [2009-09-03] FELIX-1023: apply patch to add category information to OBR
* [2009-09-03] Upgrade to bndlib 0.0.357
* [2009-07-13] FELIX-1262: remove duplicate resource entries to avoid Bnd Tool error
* [2009-04-24] FELIX-1054: when deploying a bundle, print computed uri on the console
Changes from 1.4.3 to 2.0.0
* [2009-02-16] FELIX-807,FELIX-782,FELIX-660,FELIX-549,FELIX-546,FELIX-545: Use latest version of the Bnd Tool (0.0.311)
* [2009-02-16] FELIX-941: store the generated default symbolicname in $(maven-symbolicname) property
* [2009-02-16] FELIX-912: set default Export-Package based on local source files
* [2009-02-16] FELIX-684: support filters in excludeDependencies, such as *;scope=runtime
* [2009-02-16] FELIX-684: separate out dependency filtering code so we can re-use it when excluding
* [2009-01-30] FELIX-806: pickup <archive> settings in bundleplugin configuration (otherwise fall back to the jarplugin settings) and enable support of the addMavenDescriptor setting
* [2009-01-30] FELIX-850: local fix for MSHARED-86 (should use isFile instead of exists)
* [2009-01-29] FELIX-899: update to latest editions of Bnd and Bindex
* [2009-01-29] FELIX-899: first step, widen dependency resolution and pass everything except test dependencies onto BND
* [2008-12-05] Additional debug to help with problem determination
* [2008-12-03] FELIX-760: commit latest bindex code
* [2008-12-03] FELIX-831,FELIX-677: update to version 0.0.295 of the Bnd tool
* [2008-08-27] FELIX-699: set analyzer base before loading properties in manifest goal
Changes from 1.4.2 to 1.4.3
* [2008-08-07] FELIX-661: maven bundle plugin does not close the accessed zip/jar streams
Changes from 1.4.1 to 1.4.2
* [2008-08-03] FELIX-553: allow cleaning a remote OBR
* [2008-08-03] FELIX-580: Allows maven-bunde-plugin to generate a repository file outide a maven repository with absolute url
* [2008-07-09] FELIX-556: Filtering mechanims to <Embed-Dependency/>
* [2008-07-08] FELIX-547: OBR portion of the plugin balks on singular version range of [1.0.0,1.0.0].
* [2008-07-07] FELIX-620: manifest goal of maven-bundle-plugin ignores _include instruction
* [2008-05-16] FELIX-560: bundle:install and bundle:deploy goals check artifact type is "bundle" instead of using the supportedProjectTypes list
* [2008-05-16] FELIX-561: Use same level of Bnd in script generated by bundle:ant as in the bundleplugin itself
Changes from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1
* [2008-04-30] FELIX-543: add switch to prevent classifier being appended to Bundle-Version
* [2008-04-23] FELIX-541: allow repository.xml to reference to xsl file
* [2008-04-23] FELIX-531: Allow the import package scope to be set for the bundleall goal in the maven-bundle-plugin
* [2008-04-23] FELIX-523: Update bundleplugin to use BND 0.0.255
* [2008-04-01] FELIX-526: Allow a mechanism to give preference to local resources over the ones from embedded jars
* [2008-03-24] FELIX-519: maven-bundle-plugin should issue a WARNING for unsupported packaging types
* [2008-03-16] FELIX-517: Replacement of {maven-dependencies} in Include-Resource and Bundle-ClassPath can strip Windows path separators
* [2008-03-03] FELIX-505: maven-bundle-plugin:bundleall modifies dependencies that are already bundles
Changes from 1.2.1 to 1.4.0
* [2008-02-20] FELIX-499: Enhance "excludeDependencies" configuration parameter to also support comma-separated list of artifactIds
* [2008-02-20] FELIX-498: Enable javadoc deployment on OBR repository
* [2008-02-19] FELIX-497: Genearated Source url is not a valid url
* [2008-02-19] FELIX-493: maven-bundle-plugin bundle:install goal install too many artifact
* [2008-02-19] FELIX-247: Add ant goal to maven-bundle-plugin which creates a build.xml and MANIFEST.MF with bundle headers
* [2008-02-18] FELIX-492: Add support to classifier: enable bunlde:bundle goal to generate classified artifact
* [2008-02-18] FELIX-491: Merge the maven-obr-plugin and the bundleplugin into a single plugin
Changes from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1
* [2008-02-12] FELIX-477: BND: Versions with fourth section all numbers are truncated
* [2008-02-06] FELIX-479: add supportedProjectTypes configuration option to install goal
* [2008-02-02] FELIX-459: BND: allow customization of the "uses" clause in the generated Export-Package
* [2008-01-30] FELIX-476: Improve default Export-Package (used when no Export-Package and Private-Package is set)
* [2008-01-30] FELIX-462: Support removal of manifest headers added by the bundleplugin
* [2008-01-30] FELIX-461: Ensure manifest goal creates same manifest as bundle goal when project packaging is "bundle"
* [2008-01-29] FELIX-472: Embed-Dependency, Include-Resource and inline
* [2008-01-29] FELIX-460: Remove "." from the Bundle-ClassPath when embedding dependencies in a bundle with no local classes
* [2008-01-28] FELIX-457: remove PathFile class and use URIs instead
* [2008-01-22] FELIX-458: BND: -split-package:=merge-first behaves like merge-last
Changes from 1.0.0 to 1.2.0
* [2008-01-11] FELIX-455: need to use the Builder class instead of Analyzer, because it provides additional cleanup of version information
* [2008-01-10] FELIX-451: remove Include-Resource header from final bundle manifest
* [2008-01-10] FELIX-449: add 'excludeDependencies' option (disabled by default) to exclude all dependencies from the classpath passed to BND
* [2008-01-09] FELIX-442: handle custom manifest sections and external manifest files
* [2008-01-08] Update to bndlib 0.0.227 (disables spring xml parser by default)
* [2007-12-27] FELIX-442: Add manifest entries from maven-jar-plugin configuration to final bundle
* [2007-12-07] FELIX-433: add unpackBundle option that unpacks the bundle contents to the Maven output directory
* [2007-11-18] FELIX-400: add resource code to properly handle Maven includes/excludes
* [2007-11-01] Make Embed-StripGroup default to true, as it is much more useful than the current default
* [2007-10-31] FELIX-417: fix project references
* [2007-10-26] Better error messages (and detect difference between internal error and configuration error)
* [2007-10-23] FELIX 406: fix Windows path entries in Bundle-ClassPath when embedding jars
* [2007-10-22] FELIX-405: support custom obr repository filenames, such as foo.xml
* [2007-10-21] FELIX-403: replace line-breaks with spaces when using Maven project description in Bundle manifest
* [2007-10-19] FELIX-402: use correct manifest location when using reactor build
* [2007-10-19] FELIX-400: fix array out of bounds exception when the resource directory is the same as the basedir
* [2007-09-25] FELIX-360: various fixes to the bundleall goal
* [2007-09-22] FELIX-370: OBR integration work
* [2007-09-22] FELIX-306: be consistent and delegate all version mangling to BND library
* [2007-09-21] FELIX-377: support -failok directive
* [2007-09-21] FELIX-376: Support writing of manifest to the file system when using bundle goal
* [2007-09-11] FELIX-352: provide informational error message when manifest goal is run before compile phase
* [2007-08-26] FELIX-308: support embedding of artifacts with non-jar extension names
* [2007-08-24] Workaround for MNG-1682 (incorrect extension used when installing to local repository)
* [2007-08-23] FELIX-343: replace any instances of {maven-resources} in Include-Resource with the actual project's resource paths
* [2007-08-23] FELIX-308: initial implementation to support embedding dependencies
* [2007-08-22] FELIX-340: update classpath algorithm to match maven compilation classpath
* [2007-08-14] FELIX-333: remove new-lines/form-feeds from property values.
Changes from 0.8.0-incubator to 1.0.0
* [2007-03-13] <Include-Resources> now supports JAR files in the class path,
not just JAR files in the project directory.
* [2007-03-15] Fixed a bug in converting Maven version numbers to OSGi version
numbers. (FELIX-256)
* [2007-03-28] Added support for using BND directives in the POM file.
* [2007-04-10] Added a recursive "bundleall" goal to generate OSGi bundles for
all dependencies and a "manifest" goal to generate just the manifest.
* [2007-04-27] Modified the plugin so that it does not run on POM projects.
* [2007-05-17] Plugin now handles null property values better. (FELIX-281)
* [2007-05-20] Renamed project directory from maven-bundle-plugin to
* [2007-05-20] Changed package naming.
* [2007-05-21] Improved handling of resource copying to copy the plugin's
resources if specified or the standard Maven-specified resources. (FELIX-261)
* [2007-06-13] Factored out some common code. (FELIX-304)
* [2007-06-14] Enable output folder to be configured. (FELIX-305)
* [2007-07-05] Added support for overriding project type. (FELIX-309)
* [2007-07-09] Updated to BND version 0.0.160.
* [2007-07-11] Fix a possible NullPointerException in the manifest goal. (FELIX-326)