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Changes from 0.8.0-incubator to 1.0.0
* [2007-03-13] <Include-Resources> now supports JAR files in the class path,
not just JAR files in the project directory.
* [2007-03-15] Fixed a bug in converting Maven version numbers to OSGi version
numbers. (FELIX-256)
* [2007-03-28] Added support for using BND directives in the POM file.
* [2007-04-10] Added a recursive "bundleall" goal to generate OSGi bundles for
all dependencies and a "manifest" goal to generate just the manifest.
* [2007-04-27] Modified the plugin so that it does not run on POM projects.
* [2007-05-17] Plugin now handles null property values better. (FELIX-281)
* [2007-05-20] Renamed project directory from maven-bundle-plugin to
* [2007-05-20] Changed package naming.
* [2007-05-21] Improved handling of resource copying to copy the plugin's
resources if specified or the standard Maven-specified resources. (FELIX-261)
* [2007-06-13] Factored out some common code. (FELIX-304)
* [2007-06-14] Enable output folder to be configured. (FELIX-305)
* [2007-07-05] Added support for overriding project type. (FELIX-309)
* [2007-07-09] Updated to BND version 0.0.160.
* [2007-07-11] Fix a possible NullPointerException in the manifest goal. (FELIX-326)