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Apache Felix User Admin Service
Copyright 2012 The Apache Software Foundation
This project provides the main implementation of the OSGi UserAdmin compendium
service, version 1.1 as specified in the OSGi Compendium v4.
The resulting bundle needs a repository store in order to function properly.
There are two implementations for such stores available: a file-based one, and
a MongoDB-based on. This service currently expects only a single repository
store to be available.
It is possible to create your own repository store for this user admin
service. To do this, you need to implement "org.apache.felix.useradmin.
RoleRepositoryStore" and register your implementation under this service name.
Repository stores can implement their own variants of "Role", "User" and
"Group" and return it to the user admin service. Alternatively, stores can
also use the "org.apache.felix.useradmin.RoleFactory" to use the default
implementations instead.
The user admin service this bundle provides does not need additional
configuration to function properly.
When present, this bundle will emit events to the EventAdmin service about all
changes made to the repository of this service.