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---++ GET /api/instance/summary/:entity-type/:entity-name
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* <a href="#Examples">Examples</a>
---++ Description
Get summary of instance/instances of an entity.
---++ Parameters
* :entity-type Valid options are cluster, feed or process.
* :entity-name Name of the entity.
* start <optional param> Show instances from this date. Date format is yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm'Z'.
* By default, it is set to (end - (10 * entityFrequency)).
* end <optional param> Show instances up to this date. Date format is yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm'Z'.
* Default is set to now.
* colo <optional param> Colo on which the query should be run.
* lifecycle <optional param> Valid lifecycles for feed are Eviction/Replication(default) and for process is Execution(default).
---++ Results
Summary of the instances over the specified time range
---++ Examples
---+++ Rest Call
GET http://localhost:15000/api/instance/summary/process/WordCount?colo=*&start=2014-01-21T13:00Z&end=2014-01-21T16:00Z
---+++ Result