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@echo off
rem This .bat file installs the etch-java-runtime jar file to the local maven
rem repository. It assumes either M2_HOME or MAVEN_HOME is set in the
rem environment to match the maven installation, or "mvn" command is in the
rem search path.
rem Define the etch home directory and artifact particulars
set ETCH_HOME=%~dp0..
set GROUP=etch.etch
set ARTIFACTS=etch-ant-plugin, etch-compiler, etch-csharp-compiler, etch-java-compiler, etch-java-runtime, etch-xml-compiler
set VERSION=@EtchVersion@
if "%M2_HOME%" == "" goto try_maven_home
set MVN=%M2_HOME%\bin\mvn.bat
if not exist "%MVN%" goto try_maven_home
goto run_mvn
if "%MAVEN_HOME%" == "" goto try_path
set MVN=%MAVEN_HOME%\bin\mvn.bat
if not exist "%MVN%" goto try_path
goto run_mvn
set MVN=mvn.bat
FOR %%A IN (%ARTIFACTS%) DO CALL "%MVN%" install:install-file "-Dfile=%ETCH_HOME%\lib\%%A-%VERSION%.jar" -DgroupId=%GROUP% -DartifactId=%%A -Dversion=%VERSION% -Dpackaging=jar
FOR %%A IN (%ARTIFACTS%) DO CALL "%MVN%" install:install-file "-Dfile=%ETCH_HOME%\lib\" -DgroupId=%GROUP% -DartifactId=%%A -Dversion=%VERSION% -Dpackaging=jar -Dclassifier=sources