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<project name="etch.include" default="help" basedir=".">
<description>Etch Ant Include file</description>
<!-- Standard Properties shared by all sub-projects -->
<import file="etch.common.xml" />
<!-- Standard targets, do not modify or overload. Overload the "do-*" targets in each sub-project -->
<target name="debug" depends="init-Debug,all" />
<target name="Debug" depends="debug" />
<target name="release" depends="init-Release,all" />
<target name="Release" depends="release" />
<target name="clean" depends="init-Clean,init,do-clean" />
<target name="Clean" depends="clean" />
<target name="help" depends="init-Help" />
<target name="Help" depends="init-Help" />
<target name="debug-rebuild" depends="Clean,Debug" />
<target name="release-rebuild" depends="Clean,Release" />
<target name="init-Help" depends="do-help">
<!-- Generic help message -->
The following Generic targets are supported:
Debug := Debug build
Release := Release build
Clean := Clean action
debug-rebuild := Clean then Debug build
release-rebuild := Clean then Release build
<target name="init-Debug">
<!-- Debug Target -->
<tstamp />
<property name="" value="Debug" />
<property name="Etch.javac.debug" value="on" />
<property name="Etch.javac.optimize" value="off" />
<target name="init-Release">
<!-- Release Target -->
<tstamp />
<property name="" value="Release" />
<property name="Etch.javac.debug" value="on" />
<property name="Etch.javac.optimize" value="off" />
<target name="init-Clean">
<!-- Clean Target -->
<property name="" value="Clean" />
<target name="property-init" >
<!-- Initialize target-specific properties -->
<target name="init" depends="property-init,do-init">
<!-- Initialization Target -->
<target name="build" depends="init,do-build">
<!-- Build target -->
<target name="postbuild" depends="build,do-postbuild">
<!-- Post-build Target -->
<target name="test" depends="postbuild,do-test">
<!-- Test Target -->
<target name="posttest" depends="test" if="build.publish">
<!-- Posttest Target -->
<antcall target="do-publish"/>
<target name="all" depends="test,posttest">
<!-- all target -->
<!-- Overload these targets in each sub-project -->
<target name="do-init">
<!-- Use this target for any pre-build initialization
(directory creation, etc.), the following parameters will be defined
before this target is called: := One of "Debug" or "Release"
<echo message="No Initialization defined." />
<target name="do-build">
<!-- Use this target for the actual build
logic. "do-init" will be called before
this target.
<target name="do-clean">
<!-- Use this target to implement any build-clean
logic. "do-init" will *not* be called before
this target.
<echo message="No Clean target defined." />
<target name="do-postbuild">
<!-- Use this target to copy the build products
to the common workspace build dir, i.e. X:\Build.
The "do-build" target must complete successfully
before this target is called.
<echo message="No Postbuild defined." />
<target name="do-test">
<!-- Use this target to execute unit tests -->
<echo message="No Unit Tests Defined." />
<target name="do-publish">
<!-- Use this target to publish the build
results but if the tests successfully
passed -->
<echo>No Publishing defined.</echo>
<target name="do-help">
<!-- Use this target to list any special targets
or help messages for the subproject.
The following special targets are supported: