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Welcome to Apache Etch 1.0.2. Etch is now incubating at You can find
us here:
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Mailing lists: (etch developers) (etch users)
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This release of Etch is the first from our new home at Apache. It is a bug fix
release only. While some new functionality has been committed to the tree, it
is not yet functional enough to claim that you should use it.
Here are the issues resolved in this release:
Key Res Summary
ETCH-6 Fixed If free pool exceeds maximum number of threads the exception
thrown will kill the connection.
ETCH-8 Fixed Canceling mailbox notification registration throws exception
if not registered.
ETCH-11 Fixed AlarmManager deadlocks during shutdown().
ETCH-13 Fixed Copy the rest of the example sources into the distribution.
ETCH-17 Fixed SessionListener needs to be more independent.
ETCH-18 Fixed KeepAlive throws exception while trying to shutdown
ETCH-19 Fixed Break out common tcp transport options so that they may be
shared among various transports.
ETCH-23 Fixed FreePool has synchronization issues with quick back to back
calls to Run.
ETCH-24 Fixed The message direction is always "server" for the
result_method messages in the java-binding valuefactory.
ETCH-25 Fixed DefaultDeliveryService ends call with mb.CloseDelivery() and
it should end it with mb.CloseRead().
ETCH-27 Fixed Mixins cause trouble when two or more mixed in files define
a type with the same name.
ETCH-28 Fixed Examples do not build due to outdated ant files.
ETCH-29 Fixed Installing all Maven artifacts along with their sources.
ETCH-31 Fixed MySessionListener in TcpTransportFactory does not override
toString() method to show something useful about the
transport stack.
Here are the outstanding issues in this release:
Key Summary
ETCH-12 An exception return value from a message is indistinguishable from a
thrown exception.
ETCH-26 Some unexpected exceptions are thrown if .Net Framework Language
Pack is installed.