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About Empire-DB
Apache Empire-db is a lightweight data access and persistence component for
relational databases based on JDBC.
For release details see the file CHANGELOG.txt or visit the Empire-db website at
Getting Started
An introduction to Empire-db is provided with the tutorial.pdf document
that can be found in the root directory of the distribution.
This component requires a Java 5 JDK (or higher).
To build Empire-db you need Apache Maven 2.0.9 or newer, which can be downloaded from
Make sure that your PATH includes the MVN_HOME/bin directory.
In order to build Empire-db use the following command from the command line:
> mvn clean install
There are various ways to open the project(s) in your favorite IDE:
=== Eclipse ===
- From the command line:
Change to the 'src' sub-directory and run the following command:
> mvn clean eclipse:eclipse -DdownloadSources=true
In Eclipse choose: Import... Existing projects into workspace
- Install the M2Eclipse plugin from
In Eclipse choose: Import... Maven projects
=== Netbeans ===
- Install the Maven plugin available in the update center (tools - plugins)
Open the project like you open any other Netbeans project
Getting help
The best place for getting help is the empire-db user mailing list.
First subscribe to the list by sending an email to:
Afterwards you may post a message to:
Please visit our Website for more information.