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Incubator ECharts Website


Clone this project, alone with echarts, echarts-www, echarts-examples, echarts-doc under the same directory.

Debug Locally

Edit echarts-www/config/env.debug.js and echarts-examples/config/env.debug.js. Change host to be the path to local debug server and examples.

For example, if you use http-server to start a server under incubator-echarts-website directory, host in the two projects should be and accordingly.

  1. Run gulp release --dev under echarts-examples.

  2. Run sh release.sh under echarts-doc.

  3. Run gulp release --dev under echarts-www.

  4. Run a server under incubator-echarts-website directory and test.

Build Release

Execute the following (optional) steps sequentially.


export ECHARTS_BASE="/your/local/base/dir/path/of/these/projects"

If the built-in echarts dist needs to be upated

Prepare echarts source code

cd ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts
# Make sure in `release branch`
git checkout release
git pull
git status
# Make sure there is no modification in `src`.

Copy echarts dist files and source code for custom builder:

# Copy dist files:
cp -r ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts/dist/* ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/dist
ls -alF ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/dist
# Copy source code:
rm -r ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/builder/src/echarts
rm -r ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/builder/src/zrender
cp -r ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts/src ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/builder/src/echarts
cp -r ${ECHARTS_BASE}/zrender/src ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/builder/src/zrender
cat ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/builder/src/echarts/echarts.js | grep version
cat ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/builder/src/zrender/zrender.js | grep version
${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/builder/pre/removeDEV.js # remove __DEV__

If the release download list needs to be updated

code ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/js/download.js
# Add the new release to the download list manually.
code ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/build.js
# Set the `downloadVersion` to the newest version.

If echarts-examples needs to be updated

If the built-in echarts needs to be updated

cd ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-examples
sh update-echarts.sh --only-copy-dist

If any of the thumbnails need to be updated

# Edit `BASE_PATH` in `build-example.js` firstly.
cd ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-examples/tool
node build-example.js
# if intending only make thumbnail for "public/data/foo.js" and "public/data/bar.js",
# node build-example.js --pattern "foo,bar"

If incubator-echarts-website needs to be built and published

Build echarts-www

sh ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/bin/release.sh --env asf
# sh ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/bin/release.sh --env echartsjs


rm -r ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/release
rm ${ECHARTS_BASE}/echarts-www/echarts-www.zip

Then commit and push to asf-site branch.

Then initiate a building job at https://gitbox.apache.org/setup/resync.cgi by searching incubator-echarts-website.

Then wait for several minutes and Website should be generated at https://echarts.apache.org/.