Apache Eagle Build Status

Secure Hadoop Data in Real Time

Apache Eagle is an open source monitoring solution to instantly identify access to sensitive data, recognize attacks, malicious activities in Hadoop and take actions in real time.

For more details, please visit https://eagle.incubator.apache.org


You can find the latest Eagle documentation on https://eagle.incubator.apache.org. This README file only contains basic setup instructions.

Getting Started

The fastest way to get started with Eagle is to run with docker by one of following options:

  • Pull latest eagle docker image from docker hub directly:

      docker pull apacheeagle/sandbox

    Then run eagle docker image:

    docker run -p 9099:9099 -p 8080:8080 -p 8744:8744 -p 2181:2181 -p 2888:2888 -p 6667:6667 -p 60020:60020 \
      -p 60030:60030 -p 60010:60010 -d --dns --entrypoint /usr/local/serf/bin/start-serf-agent.sh \
      -e KEYCHAIN= --env EAGLE_SERVER_HOST=sandbox.eagle.incubator.apache.org --name sandbox \
      -h sandbox.eagle.incubator.apache.org --privileged=true apacheeagle/sandbox:latest \
      --tag ambari-server=true
    docker run -it --rm -e EXPECTED_HOST_COUNT=1 -e BLUEPRINT=hdp-singlenode-eagle --link sandbox:ambariserver\
      --entrypoint /bin/sh apacheeagle/sandbox:latest -c /tmp/install-cluster.sh
  • Build eagle docker image from source code with eagle-docker tool.

       git clone https://github.com/apache/incubator-eagle.git
       cd incubator-eagle && ./eagle-docker boot

As another alternative option, you could install eagle package in sandbox manualy as well.

Building Eagle (Supports JDK-1.7.x)

Eagle is built using Apache Maven. NPM should be installed (On MAC OS try “brew install node”). To build Eagle, run:

mvn -DskipTests clean package

Note : Currently eagle is tested on JDK-1.7.X . Eagle does not support JDK 1.8.

After successfully building, you will find eagle binary tarball under eagle-assembly/target/

Get Help

The fastest way to get response from eagle community is to send email to the mail list dev@eagle.incubator.apache.org, and remember to subscribe our mail list via dev-subscribe@eagle.incubator.apache.org




Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. More details, please refer to LICENSE file.