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  2. ambari-metrics-emitter/
  3. cassandra-storage/
  4. cloudfiles-extensions/
  5. distinctcount/
  6. dropwizard-emitter/
  7. graphite-emitter/
  8. influx-extensions/
  9. influxdb-emitter/
  10. kafka-emitter/
  11. materialized-view-maintenance/
  12. materialized-view-selection/
  13. momentsketch/
  14. moving-average-query/
  15. opentsdb-emitter/
  16. redis-cache/
  17. sqlserver-metadata-storage/
  18. statsd-emitter/
  19. tdigestsketch/
  20. thrift-extensions/
  21. time-min-max/
  22. virtual-columns/

Community Extensions

Please contribute all community extensions in this directory and include a doc of how your extension can be used under docs/development/extensions-contrib/.

Please note that community extensions are maintained by their original contributors and are not packaged with the core Druid distribution. If you'd like to take on maintenance for a community extension, please post on to let us know!