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  2. inspectionProfiles/
  3. mavenProjectSettings.xml
  4. misc.xml
  5. scopes/
  6. xml-schemas/

Comments to various parts of IntelliJ‘s settings XML files. These comments cannot currently be placed close to the things that they are about, because IntelliJ keeps removing the comments from settings XML files: see Please vote for this issue to increase the chances that it’s fixed faster. This Druid's issue records the fact that the comments should be moved when that IntelliJ's issue is fixed.

  1. inspectionProfiles/Druid.xml, StaticPseudoFunctionalStyleMethod is turned off because the current rate of false-positives produced by this inspection is very high, see

  2. misc.xml, ProjectResources component: this component is needed because IntelliJ verifies XML documents by the schema. XML documents usually reference those schemas as URLs:

<assembly xmlns=""

But IntelliJ doesn't automatically go to the internet to download the resource. It needs to know what schema corresponds to what URL, statically. Hence the ProjectResources component.