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#Build instructions for Kerby
* JDK 1.7+
* Maven 3.0 or later
* Internet connection for first build (to fetch all Maven and Kerby dependencies)
###Where to run Maven from?
It should be run at the top directory of Kerby.
###Maven build goals:
* Clean : mvn clean
* Compile : mvn compile
* Run tests : mvn test
* Create JAR : mvn package
* Install JAR in M2 cache : mvn install
* Deploy JAR to Maven repo : mvn deploy
* Build distribution : mvn package [-Pdist]
* Run findbugs : mvn compile findbugs:findbugs
* Run benchmarks : mvn integration-test -Pbenchmark
###Build options:
* To run findbugs without running tests : mvn clean package -DskipTests findbugs:findbugs [site]
* Building distributions without running tests : mvn package -Pdist -DskipTests
(tar package in /kerby/kerby-dist/kdc-dist/target/ & /kerby/kerby-dist/tool-dist/target/)
* Generate javadoc without running tests: mvn clean package -DskipTests javadoc:javadoc
* Checkstyle & PMD checks are run by default. To build quickly and prevent them from running,
add option [-Pnochecks], for example, mvn package -Pnochecks