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.. _`SqlTypeConverter`: /api/org/apache/ddlutils/io/converters/SqlTypeConverter.html
Generates an XML file containing the data currently stored in the database.
:Required: no
:Default: UTF-8
:Meaning: The desired encoding of the XML file.
:Required: no
:Allowed: ``true``, ``false``
:Default: ``true``
:Meaning: Specifies whether the execution shall stop if an error has occurred while the task runs.
:Required: yes
:Meaning: Specifies the XML file to write the data to.
Defines a class that is able to convert between the Java type corresponding to a SQL type
(e.g. ``java.sql.Date``, ``java.lang.String``) and strings to be used in XML files.
:Required: yes
:Meaning: Specifies the fully qualified class name of the converter. Note that the class is
required to implement the `SqlTypeConverter`_ interface.
:Required: Either this together with ``table`` or ``jdbcType``
:Meaning: Specifies the column for which this converter shall be used.
:Required: Either this or ``table`` + ``column``
:Meaning: Specifies the JDBC type for which this converter shall be used. Note that converters
specified for a specific column override converters defined for types.
:Required: Either this together with ``column`` or ``jdbcType``
:Meaning: Specifies the table for which this converter shall be used.