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TCK Coverage Document for JSR-243 Java Data Objects 2.0:
TCK Overview:
The JDO TCK tests use the JUnit testing framework. The TCK is distributed
as a source tree archive containing test source and all required configuration
files, including the JDO metadatafiles and SQL scripts. Test build and
execution is driven by the maven.xml build script. The user can run the
full test suite, groups of tests, or individual tests. Test results and
configuration information are saved in a timestamped log directory.
TCK Components:
- Installation instructions at
- README.txt
- Run Rules
- maven.xml test driver
- Test Suite
- exclude list
TCK Dependencies to be manually installed (documented in README.txt) :
- Maven 1.0.x
- JNDI implementation
TCK Dependencies downloaded automatically by Maven:
- JDO2 components api20, core20, enhaner20, tck20
- JUnit test framework
- JPOX JDO implementation
- Derby
- Other third-party libraries
Terminology of Metrics
- Assertion: A specific statement of functionality or behavior derived
from a specification.
A testable assertion is one that can be validated in an implementation
by testing.
- Test: A binary application (or script) comprised of one or more Test Cases.
- Test Case: A single set of test inputs, execution conditions, and expected
results developed to verify an implementation's conformance with a specific
- Specification Assertion Coverage: Ratio of all assertions tested by at
least one test
case to the total number of testable assertions defined by the specification.
- API Coverage: Ratio of methods directly exercised by test cases to the
total number of methods defined by the specification.
- Total testable assertions: 1663 specification assertions, including all api
signatures as well as text assertions identified through hand markup
of the FrameMaker specification document using conditional text.
Chapter 18 of the specification provides an XML grammar for metadata, for
which separate assertions were not developed. The metadata is extensively
tested by a small number of tests using a number of different metadata sets.
- Tests: 538
- Test cases: 1158
- Assertion coverage: 1342/1561 = 86%
- API Signature Coverage: 100% for all defined public members
Quality Assurance
- TCK was run using representative configurations of the Reference
Implementation on
the following platforms:
* Windows 2000 Pro/Sun J2SE 1.4.2
* MacOX 10.4/Sun J2SE 1.4.2
* Red Hat Linux/Sun J2SE 1.4.2
- TCK code quality was demonstrated through use of code reviews conducted
publicly on the email list
- Documentation instructions were verified and tested
Justification of Adequacy
Given the large number of assertions and metadata elements, the coverage
is good.
The availability of test development resources was limited.