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#include <memory>
namespace datasketches {
template <typename T, typename C, typename A>
class kll_quantile_calculator {
// assumes that all levels are sorted including level 0
kll_quantile_calculator(const T* items, const uint32_t* levels, uint8_t num_levels, uint64_t n, const A& allocator);
T get_quantile(double fraction) const;
using AllocU32 = typename std::allocator_traits<A>::template rebind_alloc<uint32_t>;
using vector_u32 = std::vector<uint32_t, AllocU32>;
using Entry = std::pair<T, uint64_t>;
using AllocEntry = typename std::allocator_traits<A>::template rebind_alloc<Entry>;
using Container = std::vector<Entry, AllocEntry>;
uint64_t n_;
vector_u32 levels_;
Container entries_;
void populate_from_sketch(const T* items, const uint32_t* levels, uint8_t num_levels);
T approximately_answer_positional_query(uint64_t pos) const;
void convert_to_preceding_cummulative();
uint32_t chunk_containing_pos(uint64_t pos) const;
uint32_t search_for_chunk_containing_pos(uint64_t pos, uint32_t l, uint32_t r) const;
static void merge_sorted_blocks(Container& entries, const uint32_t* levels, uint8_t num_levels, uint32_t num_items);
static void merge_sorted_blocks_direct(Container& orig, Container& temp, const uint32_t* levels, uint8_t starting_level, uint8_t num_levels);
static void merge_sorted_blocks_reversed(Container& orig, Container& temp, const uint32_t* levels, uint8_t starting_level, uint8_t num_levels);
static uint64_t pos_of_phi(double phi, uint64_t n);
template<typename Comparator>
struct compare_pair_by_first {
template<typename Entry1, typename Entry2>
bool operator()(Entry1&& a, Entry2&& b) const {
return Comparator()(std::forward<Entry1>(a).first, std::forward<Entry2>(b).first);
} /* namespace datasketches */
#include "kll_quantile_calculator_impl.hpp"