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#include "serde.hpp"
#include "tuple_sketch.hpp"
#include "theta_union_base.hpp"
#include "theta_sketch_experimental.hpp"
namespace datasketches {
// experimental theta union derived from the same base as tuple union
template<typename Allocator = std::allocator<uint64_t>>
class theta_union_experimental {
using Entry = uint64_t;
using ExtractKey = trivial_extract_key;
using Sketch = theta_sketch_experimental<Allocator>;
using CompactSketch = compact_theta_sketch_experimental<Allocator>;
using resize_factor = theta_constants::resize_factor;
struct pass_through_policy {
uint64_t operator()(uint64_t internal_entry, uint64_t incoming_entry) const {
return internal_entry;
using State = theta_union_base<Entry, ExtractKey, pass_through_policy, Sketch, CompactSketch, Allocator>;
// No constructor here. Use builder instead.
class builder;
* This method is to update the union with a given sketch
* @param sketch to update the union with
void update(const Sketch& sketch);
* This method produces a copy of the current state of the union as a compact sketch.
* @param ordered optional flag to specify if ordered sketch should be produced
* @return the result of the union
CompactSketch get_result(bool ordered = true) const;
State state_;
// for builder
theta_union_experimental(uint8_t lg_cur_size, uint8_t lg_nom_size, resize_factor rf, uint64_t theta, uint64_t seed, const Allocator& allocator);
template<typename A>
class theta_union_experimental<A>::builder: public theta_base_builder<builder, A> {
builder(const A& allocator = A());
* This is to create an instance of the union with predefined parameters.
* @return an instance of the union
theta_union_experimental<A> build() const;
} /* namespace datasketches */
#include "theta_union_experimental_impl.hpp"