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#include <algorithm>
#include "conditional_back_inserter.hpp"
#include "conditional_forward.hpp"
namespace datasketches {
template<typename EN, typename EK, typename CS, typename A>
theta_set_difference_base<EN, EK, CS, A>::theta_set_difference_base(uint64_t seed, const A& allocator):
template<typename EN, typename EK, typename CS, typename A>
template<typename FwdSketch, typename Sketch>
CS theta_set_difference_base<EN, EK, CS, A>::compute(FwdSketch&& a, const Sketch& b, bool ordered) const {
if (a.is_empty() || a.get_num_retained() == 0 || b.is_empty()) return CS(a, ordered);
if (a.get_seed_hash() != seed_hash_) throw std::invalid_argument("A seed hash mismatch");
if (b.get_seed_hash() != seed_hash_) throw std::invalid_argument("B seed hash mismatch");
const uint64_t theta = std::min(a.get_theta64(), b.get_theta64());
std::vector<EN, A> entries(allocator_);
bool is_empty = a.is_empty();
if (b.get_num_retained() == 0) {
std::copy_if(forward_begin(std::forward<FwdSketch>(a)), forward_end(std::forward<FwdSketch>(a)), std::back_inserter(entries),
key_less_than<uint64_t, EN, EK>(theta));
} else {
if (a.is_ordered() && b.is_ordered()) { // sort-based
std::set_difference(forward_begin(std::forward<FwdSketch>(a)), forward_end(std::forward<FwdSketch>(a)), b.begin(), b.end(),
conditional_back_inserter(entries, key_less_than<uint64_t, EN, EK>(theta)), comparator());
} else { // hash-based
const uint8_t lg_size = lg_size_from_count(b.get_num_retained(), hash_table::REBUILD_THRESHOLD);
hash_table table(lg_size, lg_size, hash_table::resize_factor::X1, 0, 0, allocator_); // theta and seed are not used here
for (const auto& entry: b) {
const uint64_t hash = EK()(entry);
if (hash < theta) {
table.insert(table.find(hash).first, hash);
} else if (b.is_ordered()) {
break; // early stop
// scan A lookup B
for (auto& entry: a) {
const uint64_t hash = EK()(entry);
if (hash < theta) {
auto result = table.find(hash);
if (!result.second) entries.push_back(conditional_forward<FwdSketch>(entry));
} else if (a.is_ordered()) {
break; // early stop
if (entries.empty() && theta == theta_constants::MAX_THETA) is_empty = true;
if (ordered && !a.is_ordered()) std::sort(entries.begin(), entries.end(), comparator());
return CS(is_empty, a.is_ordered() || ordered, seed_hash_, theta, std::move(entries));
} /* namespace datasketches */