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* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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#ifndef _HLL4ARRAY_HPP_
#define _HLL4ARRAY_HPP_
#include "AuxHashMap.hpp"
#include "HllArray.hpp"
namespace datasketches {
template<typename A>
class Hll4Iterator;
template<typename A>
class Hll4Array final : public HllArray<A> {
explicit Hll4Array(int lgConfigK, bool startFullSize);
explicit Hll4Array(const Hll4Array<A>& that);
virtual ~Hll4Array();
virtual std::function<void(HllSketchImpl<A>*)> get_deleter() const;
virtual Hll4Array* copy() const;
inline uint8_t getSlot(int slotNo) const;
inline void putSlot(int slotNo, uint8_t value);
inline uint8_t get_value(uint32_t index) const;
virtual int getUpdatableSerializationBytes() const;
virtual int getHllByteArrBytes() const;
virtual HllSketchImpl<A>* couponUpdate(int coupon) final;
void mergeHll(const HllArray<A>& src);
virtual AuxHashMap<A>* getAuxHashMap() const;
// does *not* delete old map if overwriting
void putAuxHashMap(AuxHashMap<A>* auxHashMap);
virtual typename HllArray<A>::const_iterator begin(bool all = false) const;
virtual typename HllArray<A>::const_iterator end() const;
void internalCouponUpdate(int coupon);
void internalHll4Update(int slotNo, int newVal);
void shiftToBiggerCurMin();
AuxHashMap<A>* auxHashMap;
#endif /* _HLL4ARRAY_HPP_ */