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* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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#include "HllSketchImpl.hpp"
#include "coupon_iterator.hpp"
#include <iostream>
namespace datasketches {
template<typename A>
class HllSketchImplFactory;
template<typename A = std::allocator<char>>
class CouponList : public HllSketchImpl<A> {
explicit CouponList(int lgConfigK, target_hll_type tgtHllType, hll_mode mode);
explicit CouponList(const CouponList& that);
explicit CouponList(const CouponList& that, target_hll_type tgtHllType);
static CouponList* newList(const void* bytes, size_t len);
static CouponList* newList(std::istream& is);
virtual vector_u8<A> serialize(bool compact, unsigned header_size_bytes) const;
virtual void serialize(std::ostream& os, bool compact) const;
virtual ~CouponList();
virtual std::function<void(HllSketchImpl<A>*)> get_deleter() const;
virtual CouponList* copy() const;
virtual CouponList* copyAs(target_hll_type tgtHllType) const;
virtual HllSketchImpl<A>* couponUpdate(int coupon);
virtual double getEstimate() const;
virtual double getCompositeEstimate() const;
virtual double getUpperBound(int numStdDev) const;
virtual double getLowerBound(int numStdDev) const;
virtual bool isEmpty() const;
virtual int getCouponCount() const;
coupon_iterator<A> begin(bool all = false) const;
coupon_iterator<A> end() const;
typedef typename std::allocator_traits<A>::template rebind_alloc<CouponList<A>> clAlloc;
HllSketchImpl<A>* promoteHeapListToSet(CouponList& list);
HllSketchImpl<A>* promoteHeapListOrSetToHll(CouponList& src);
virtual int getUpdatableSerializationBytes() const;
virtual int getCompactSerializationBytes() const;
virtual int getMemDataStart() const;
virtual int getPreInts() const;
virtual bool isCompact() const;
virtual bool isOutOfOrderFlag() const;
virtual void putOutOfOrderFlag(bool oooFlag);
virtual int getLgCouponArrInts() const;
virtual int* getCouponIntArr() const;
int lgCouponArrInts;
int couponCount;
bool oooFlag;
int* couponIntArr;
friend class HllSketchImplFactory<A>;
#endif /* _COUPONLIST_HPP_ */