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// author Kevin Lang, Oath Research
#ifndef U32_TABLE_HPP_
#define U32_TABLE_HPP_
// This is a highly specialized hash table that was designed
// to be a part of the library's CPC sketch implementation
#include "cpc_common.hpp"
namespace datasketches {
static const uint64_t U32_TABLE_UPSIZE_NUMER = 3LL;
static const uint64_t U32_TABLE_UPSIZE_DENOM = 4LL;
static const uint64_t U32_TABLE_DOWNSIZE_NUMER = 1LL;
static const uint64_t U32_TABLE_DOWNSIZE_DENOM = 4LL;
template<typename A>
class u32_table {
u32_table(uint8_t lg_size, uint8_t num_valid_bits);
inline size_t get_num_items() const;
inline const uint32_t* get_slots() const;
inline uint8_t get_lg_size() const;
inline void clear();
// returns true iff the item was new and was therefore added to the table
inline bool maybe_insert(uint32_t item);
// returns true iff the item was present and was therefore removed from the table
inline bool maybe_delete(uint32_t item);
static u32_table make_from_pairs(const uint32_t* pairs, size_t num_pairs, uint8_t lg_k);
vector_u32<A> unwrapping_get_items() const;
static void merge(
const uint32_t* arr_a, size_t start_a, size_t length_a, // input
const uint32_t* arr_b, size_t start_b, size_t length_b, // input
uint32_t* arr_c, size_t start_c // output
static void introspective_insertion_sort(uint32_t* a, size_t l, size_t r);
static void knuth_shell_sort3(uint32_t* a, size_t l, size_t r);
uint8_t lg_size; // log2 of number of slots
uint8_t num_valid_bits;
size_t num_items;
vector_u32<A> slots;
inline size_t lookup(uint32_t item) const;
inline void must_insert(uint32_t item);
inline void rebuild(uint8_t new_lg_size);
} /* namespace datasketches */
#include "u32_table_impl.hpp"