Set curl credentials for require_valid_user, as well

This does mean that we now send credentials for the /_up endpoint even when
require_valid_user is not set, but this should not hurt anything.
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CouchDB Helm Charts

This repository contains assets related to the CouchDB Helm chart.


  • couchdb: contains the unbundled Helm chart
  • test: containes scripts to test the chart locally using Kind


make test will run an integration test using Kind. This stands up a Kubernetes cluster locally and ensures the chart will deploy using the default options and Helm.


Chart versions are immutable. On every version change, make publish should be run to create a new chart bundle and update the repostory metadata.

Feedback / Issues / Contributing

General feedback is welcome at our user or developer mailing lists.

Apache CouchDB has a CONTRIBUTING file with details on how to get started with issue reporting or contributing to the upkeep of this project. In short, use GitHub Issues, do not report anything to the Helm team.

The chart follows the technical guidelines / best practices maintained by the Helm team.