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% Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not
% use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
% the License at
% Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
% distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
% WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
% License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under
% the License.
-export([start_link/0, execute/2]).
-export([init/1, terminate/2, code_change/3, handle_call/3, handle_cast/2, handle_info/2]).
% config_listener api
-export([handle_config_change/5, handle_config_terminate/3]).
-define(RELISTEN_DELAY, 5000).
start_link() ->
gen_server:start_link({local, couch_external_manager},
couch_external_manager, [], []).
execute(UrlName, JsonReq) ->
Pid = gen_server:call(couch_external_manager, {get, UrlName}),
case Pid of
{error, Reason} ->
_ ->
couch_external_server:execute(Pid, JsonReq)
handle_config_change("external", UrlName, _, _, _) ->
{ok, gen_server:call(couch_external_manager, {config, UrlName})};
handle_config_change(_, _, _, _, _) ->
{ok, nil}.
handle_config_terminate(_, stop, _) ->
handle_config_terminate(_Server, _Reason, _State) ->
erlang:send_after(?RELISTEN_DELAY, whereis(?MODULE), restart_config_listener).
% gen_server API
init([]) ->
process_flag(trap_exit, true),
Handlers = ets:new(couch_external_manager_handlers, [set, private]),
ok = config:listen_for_changes(?MODULE, nil),
{ok, Handlers}.
terminate(_Reason, Handlers) ->
ets:foldl(fun({_UrlName, Pid}, nil) ->
end, nil, Handlers),
handle_call({get, UrlName}, _From, Handlers) ->
case ets:lookup(Handlers, UrlName) of
[] ->
case config:get("external", UrlName, undefined) of
undefined ->
Msg = lists:flatten(
io_lib:format("No server configured for ~p.", [UrlName])),
{reply, {error, {unknown_external_server, ?l2b(Msg)}}, Handlers};
Command ->
{ok, NewPid} = couch_external_server:start_link(UrlName, Command),
true = ets:insert(Handlers, {UrlName, NewPid}),
{reply, NewPid, Handlers}
[{UrlName, Pid}] ->
{reply, Pid, Handlers}
handle_call({config, UrlName}, _From, Handlers) ->
% A newly added handler and a handler that had it's command
% changed are treated exactly the same.
% Shutdown the old handler.
case ets:lookup(Handlers, UrlName) of
[{UrlName, Pid}] ->
[] ->
% Wait for next request to boot the handler.
{reply, ok, Handlers}.
handle_cast(_Whatever, State) ->
{noreply, State}.
handle_info({'EXIT', Pid, normal}, Handlers) ->
couch_log:info("EXTERNAL: Server ~p terminated normally", [Pid]),
% The process terminated normally without us asking - Remove Pid from the
% handlers table so we don't attempt to reuse it
ets:match_delete(Handlers, {'_', Pid}),
{noreply, Handlers};
handle_info({'EXIT', Pid, Reason}, Handlers) ->
couch_log:info("EXTERNAL: Server ~p died. (reason: ~p)", [Pid, Reason]),
% Remove Pid from the handlers table so we don't try closing
% it a second time in terminate/2.
ets:match_delete(Handlers, {'_', Pid}),
{stop, normal, Handlers};
handle_info(restart_config_listener, State) ->
ok = config:listen_for_changes(?MODULE, nil),
{noreply, State}.
code_change(_OldVsn, State, _Extra) ->
{ok, State}.