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<p>The source repository for weinre is maintained at Apache. See the
archives information on the <a href="Installing.html">Installing</a>
page for more information on downloading a source archive.
<p>If you'd prefer to obtain the source via git, you can use one of the
following repos:
<li>Apache repo: <td><a href=""></a>
<li>GitHub repo: <td><a href=""></a>
<p>The Apache repo is the canonical repo. The url can be used in a web
browser, or as the argument of a <tt>git clone</tt> command.
<p>The GitHub repo is a clone of the Apache repo, and automatically shadowed
at some regular interval. The url is the web view of the repo, from
which you can obtain a url to use with <tt>git clone</tt>.
<p>See the file
<tt><a href=";a=blob;;hb=HEAD"><a/></tt>
in the top-most directory of the source distribution for more instructions on
how to perform a build. A <a href="">markdown-processed version of the README file
is available on GitHub</a>.