Apache Cordova mobile-spec

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Mobile Spec Suite

This project is a set of automated & manual tests that test Cordova core functionality.

To set up the project, use cordova-mobile-spec/createmobilespec/createmobilespec.js. See the README.md in that directory.


Repositories required:

  • cordova-cli (Install pre-requisites by running npm install inside of cordova-cli).
  • cordova-js
  • All plugins.
  • Platforms to test (e.g., cordova-android, cordova-ios, cordova-blackberry, cordova-wp8, or cordova-windows).
  • cordova-mobile-spec (Install pre-requisites by running npm install inside of createmobilespec).
  • All repositories must be checked out as peers to each other.


For reference purposes, the document AndroidBridgePerformance_300.pdf in this directory outlines the Android bridge performance using cordova-mobile-spec and the manual bridge test. The tests were performed with Cordova 3.0.0.