Add Electron Support (#199)

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Support for creating mobilespec builds for Electron Release process.

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- Only added the necessary flags

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Cordova Mobile Spec Suite

This cordova-mobile-spec repository can be used to create a Cordova app that provides a set of manual tests to verify Cordova core functionality. It is currently used in the release processes of platforms, plugins and tools.

It also provides access to manual and automated tests of the installed plugins (via cordova-plugin-test-framework).

(History: A very long time ago this repository also included all the manual and automated plugin tests before those were extracted and moved into the plugins themselves.)


This repository has 3 parts:

  1. This main folder is a Cordova app “template” (config.xml and www) that includes implementations of various functionalities that Cordova supports (battery, events, keyboard, lazyloadjs, splashscreens, sql, storage, misc) that can manually be tested, some benchmarks, and a link to the automated and manual tests installed plugins offer (cdvtests/index.html).

  2. There are 4 plugins as well: cordova-plugin-echo (“plugin implementation of the Echo function to test the bridge”), cordova-plugin-mobilespec-tests (“Cordova Non Plugin Auto Tests”), cordova-plugin-thirdparty-tests (“Tests for popular third-party plugins”) and cordova-plugin-whitelist (TODO).

  3. The createmobilespec folder contains a script/CLI to create a Cordova app

    1. using the locally installed Cordova CLI, the currently up to date (published on npm) platforms and plugins (including their tests!), and the 4 local plugins from 2) (mode --global) or
    2. using local checkouts (via cordova-coho) of all these (CLI, tools, platforms, plugins...) or
    3. with several other modes (to e.g. use plugman and /bin/create instead of the CLI)

The end result is a folder ../mobilespec with a Cordova app that can be installed on devices. It can be used for some manual testing with the functionality offered by 1) or run the tests additionally provided by the plugins via cordova-plugin-test-framework.


See the in /createmobilespec for usage instruction on how to create the “mobilespec” app.

Cordova Plugin File-Transfer Tests

Tests of Cordova Plugin File-Transfer require a test server. Follow these instructions to install and run the server and configure the plugin.