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node-firefox-start-simulator Build Status

Start a Firefox OS simulator.

Install with NPM

This is part of the node-firefox project.


From git

git clone
cd node-firefox-start-simulator
npm install

If you want to update later on:

cd node-firefox-start-simulator
git pull origin master
npm install


npm install node-firefox-start-simulator


var startSimulator = require('node-firefox-start-simulator');

// `startSimulator` returns a Promise
startSimulator(options).then(function(simulator) {


where options is a plain Object with any of the following:

  • detached: start the simulator as a detached process. If our script is killed, the simulator will still be running.
  • port: make the simulator listen to this port for debugging. If not specified, we'll find an available port.
  • version: start a simulator in this version. If not specified, we'll start the first simulator that we can find.
  • verbose: pipe the output from the simulator to standard I/O. For example, you'll get JavaScript console.log messages executed in the simulator.

and simulator is an object containing:

  • binary: path to the simulator binary
  • profile: path to the simulator profile
  • pid: process id
  • process: the actual process object
  • port: the port where the simulator is listening for debugging connections


Start any simulator on the first available port

var startSimulator = require('node-firefox-start-simulator');

startSimulator().then(function(simulator) {
  console.log('Started simulator at port', simulator.port);
}, function(err) {
  console.log('Error starting a simulator', err);

Have a look at the examples folder for more!


If you want to contribute to this module, it might be interesting to have a look at the way WebIDE launches the simulator. The code for this is in simulator-process.js. Whenever possible, we want to mimic the WebIDE experience as closely as possible.


This is based on initial work on fxos-start by Nicola Greco.