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Cordova Firefox OS (Boot 2 Gecko)

📌 Deprecation Notice

This repository is deprecated and no more work will be done on this by Apache Cordova. You can continue to use this and it should work as-is but any future issues will not be fixed by the Cordova community.

Feel free to fork this repository and improve your fork. Existing forks are listed in Network and Forks.


Firefox OS is an open source operating system for smartphones and tablet computers being developed by Mozilla. It is designed to allow HTML5 applications to integrate directly with the device's hardware using JavaScript.

cordova-firefoxos allows developers to use the cross platform APIs in Cordova to target the Firefox OS. Most APIs are just proxied to the matching Firefox OS API calls.


There are no prerequisites for adding Firefox OS as a Cordova platform. For usage, setting up debugging environment and running on the device, see the Cordova support for Firefox OS page on Mozilla Developer Network.

For platform development information, check out the Firefox OS cordova development page

A lot of good documentation on Firefox OS development is also available on the Mozilla Developer Network.