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  1. pages/
  3. server.js
  4. test-console.js
  5. test-dom.js
  6. test-jsobject.js
  7. test-logs.js
  8. test-network.js
  9. test-raw.js
  10. test-stylesheets.js
  11. utils.js



To run the tests in this directory, first install the dev dependencies with this command from the top-level directory:

npm install --dev

You'll also have to globally install mocha. npm install mocha -g.


First open up a Firefox Nightly build and serve the test files up:

node server.js &

visit the url the server tells you to visit.

Finally, run the tests with:

mocha test-dom.js --timeout 10000

The increased timeout is to give you enough time to manually verify the incoming connection in Firefox.

Right now you have to run each test individually, until Firefox bug 891003 is fixed.