Proposal for new feature process
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 # cordova-discuss
 Discussions on features and the future
+For new proposals and ideas, look at in the `proposals` folder.
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+All new proposals go in this folder.
+# Suggested Process
+1. Create an issue with the description of the feature should be discussed. 
+2. Others can discuss about the proposal with issue comments
+3. Once there is a rough consensus, create a new file in this folder with the proposal details. 
+4. Others can send pull requests to improve the proposals. Improvements to the proposal can be discussed in the comments of the pull request. 
+5. Note that if the pull request is changed, commenting on some lines may become outdated. `TODO - How to solve this ? `
+6. Pull requests are accepted, and anyone who just wants to read the proposal without being bothered by the discussions just reads the document. 
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