Release Process Documentation

Release Process Overview

This describes the technical, theoretical steps of a release. (For all the organizational steps and actual commands to execute, please refer to the Detailed Release Process Documentation below.)

  • Checkout master of the project you want to release
  • Find out if your release requires a release branch (instead of releasing from master directly):
    a) Are there any commits on master that should not be part of the release?
    b) If patch release: Is there already a release branch for a previous patch release for this minor version?
    c) Do you want to do a patch release to an older minor (1.2.3 after 1.3.0 has already been released) or a minor release after there was a new major release (1.7.0 after 2.0.0 has already been released)
  • Only if yes:
    • Create a release branch (e.g. 1.2.x) on the last “good” commit (before the first one that should not be included in the release) or last released tag/commit and check it out (or check out the existing release branch for b))
    • Cherry pick any further commits from master that should be included to the checked out release branch
    • Do any manual changes that need to be done (e.g. to fix a bug) and commit
  • Prepare Release
    • Code Maintenance
    • If minor or major release (and not bumped manually already): Bump minor or major and commit
    • Test
      • Fix any regressions and commit
    • Create, curate Release Notes into and commit
  • Release
    • Remove -dev suffix in version and Release Notes (and commit)
    • Tag as vote/x.y.z
    • Apache: Create archive and upload to dist/dev
    • Bump patch + add -dev back (and commit)
    • Push all changes and tag
  • Vote
  • On success:
    • Apache: Promote from dist/dev to dist/release
    • Add x.y.z release tag
    • Publish archive (!) to npm
    • If releasing from release branch: Cherry pick release notes (and possible other commits) to master
    • Push changes and tag
  • On failure:

This list also does not include steps that are only required for one type of component:

  • Platforms: Update cordova.js, propagate version number to other platform files (which those are depends on the platform), tag master of cordova-js with new platform version, make sure documentation is up to date or create PR that can be merged after release, Android only: Publish to Bintray
  • Plugins: Make sure is correct
  • Tools: cordova-lib: Update platformsConfig.json, all: update cross dependencies between libraries,

The detailed documentation below does include these at the appropriate locations.

Detailed Release Process Documentation

This generalized release process is supported and partly automated by our cordova-coho CLI tool. As details of this process are different depending on what kind of package you want to release, we have individual detailed release process documentation that contains the actual commands to run: