Code Maintenance

Steps we regularly take to make sure our code is in a good state.


Background information TODO

Licence Headers

Ensure license headers are present everywhere:

coho audit-license-headers -r android | less

TODO Properly handle this: “Ensure license headers are present everywhere. For reference, see this background. Expect some noise in the output, for example some files from test fixtures will show up.”

TODO What to do if not?

Dependency Licences

Ensure all dependencies and subdependencies have Apache-compatible licenses:

coho check-license -r android

TODO What to do if not?


npm outdated --depth=0

  • Variant 1: Pin the outdated dependency in dependencies of package.json, create issue to update.
  • Variant 2: Update the dependency by creating a Pull Request with the changes.

npm audit

TODO How are results handled?

(Might require running npm i --package-lock-only before, and deleting package-lock.json afterwards)

Pinned dependencies