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Building Apache Commons VFS
To build Apache Commons VFS, you need a JDK implementation version 1.7 or greater, and Apache Maven 3.
To perform the license release audit, a.k.a. "RAT check", run:
mvn apache-rat:check
To perform a Clirr check, run:
mvn clirr:check -pl commons-vfs2
To build the site with Java 7, make sure you give Maven enough memory using
MAVEN_OPTS with options appropriate for your JVM. Alternatively, you can
build with Java 8 and not deal with MAVEN_OPTS.
To build the site, from a command line, run:
mvn clean install
mvn site
mvn site:stage
To test, run:
mvn test
Then, to test OSGi, you must first create the jars:
mvn install -DskipTests
mvn package -DskipTests
Next, you can run the tests as usual, which will pick up the jar files to use as OSGi bundles from the various target
mvn test