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Apache Commons VFS 2.0 RELEASE NOTES
The Commons VFS team is pleased to announce the commons-vfs2 2.0 release!
Apache Commons VFS 2.0 requires a minimum of Java 5 to build and run and is not binary or source compatible with
Commons VFS 1.0. The package names have been changed from org.apache.commons.vfs to org.apache.commons.vfs2 and the
Maven groupId and artifactId have been changed to org.apache.commons and commons-vfs2 respectively.
Backwards incompatible update of Commons VFS to Java 5
Changes in this version include:
New features:
o VFS-244: Rename HttpRandomAccesContent to HttpRandomAccessContent.
Fixed Bugs:
o VFS-348: Update the version of commons-net. Thanks to Stefan Bodewig.
o VFS-230: Documented FileSystem capabilities on the web site.
o VFS-337: AbstractFileObject and classes that extend from it use AbstractFileName in the constructor and in
the createFile method.
o VFS-245: AbstractFileName is not immutable as it should be. equals(), hashcode() and compareTo() have been modified
to return the same results regardless of whether the FileType is changed.
o VFS-334: DefaultFileSystemConfigBuilder.getConfigClass() returns DefaultFileSystemConfigBuilder.class which is not a FileSystem Thanks to sebb.
o VFS-305: Add encoding option to FTP provider. Thanks to Tom.
o VFS-315: Fix potential NullPointerException if the DavProperty is null or contains null values. Thanks to David Hausladen.
o VFS-316: Add option for preemptive authentication for HTTP based protocols. Thanks to David Hausladen.
o VFS-322: Allow tar files that contain files over 2GB in size. Thanks to Curtis Boyden.
o VFS-324: Clear the cache in RamFileSystem and the children in RamFileData. Thanks to sebb.
o VFS-319: Typo in FtpsFileSystemConfigBuilder.setFtpsType Thanks to sebb.
o VFS-227: InputStream and RandomAccessContent memory leak in FileContentThreadData Thanks to Sergey Vladimirov.
o VFS-259: Http and Webdav FIleContentInfoFactory: undress to AbstractFileObject before casting Thanks to Marek Zawirski.
o VFS-261: WebDAV upload corrupts binary files Thanks to Simon Olofsson.
o VFS-276: add ProviderTestConfig.getDefaultFileSystemManager() method Thanks to Vince Bonfanti.
o VFS-282: SftpFileProvider and SftpFileSystemConfigBuilder can't change ssh authentication methods Thanks to Alexey.
o VFS-269: HttpFileObject: unsupported content over 2GB length Thanks to Marek Zawirski.
o VFS-287: LocalFileName objects are not released from AbstractFileSystem.listenerMap when all listeners are removed. Thanks to Mircea-Eugen Ionica.
o VFS-216: The FTP Configuration includes an option to set a timeout for the data connection, but not for the socket
timeout. This is a problem, as idle sockets can cause your download to hang forever and never timeout. Thanks to Reetu Mutti.
o VFS-289: FTP connection is not released If exception is thrown out of FtpFileObject.doGetOutputStream(). Thanks to Kirill Safonov.
o VFS-286: SftpFileObject.doListChildrenResolved() changes the working dir before doing call.
If ls() throws an exception, the current directory is not reset. All the subsequent operations that rely on the
current dir will fail trying to change into nonexistent directory. Thanks to Kirill Safonov.
o VFS-263: WebdavFileObject does not implement doSetAttribute() Thanks to Ingo Maas.
For complete information on Commons VFS, including instructions on how to submit bug reports,
patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the Apache Commons VFS website: