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2005-10-14 commons-vfs 1.0 RC5
zip, jar, tar:
close archive if there is no open stream. This avoids locking on the archive.
stip off link file names, though still no link-support for sftp.
added filesystem option: setUserDirIsRoot
2005-09-26 commons-vfs 1.0 RC4
changed documentation to use latest commons-compress.
fix: avoid creation of filesystem if they use the same options
avoid gc when referencing only inputStream/outputStream of a fileObject
add a type (file/folder) to filename.
This is needed to allow URI style filename resolving
e.g. base "file:///path/to/file" with relative name "any/file" results in "file:///path/to/any/file" instead
of "file:///path/to/file/any/file"
This is experimental code. Switch on with "VFS.setUriStyle(true);" before ANY other VFS operation.
ant tasks:
added antlib.xml - (Jacob Kjome)
zip, jar, ....:
allow filenames without trailing "!"
allow createFilesystem with .gz files
better handling of file/folder flag with compressed files
check IOException instead of FTPConnectionClosedException.
This should make ftp retry more robust even if for some case the state of the
socket isnt correctly reported as closed.
ignore nonparseable ftp directory entries. It will be logged using the debug log-level
with class org.apache.commons.vfs.provider.ftp.FtpFileObject.
(e.g. empty lines in ftp directory listing)
avoid server-roundtrip ("LIST") if file was deleted. if you add a child this is still needed.
allow configuration of dataTimeout
2005-08-13 commons-vfs 1.0 RC3
ant tasks:
upgrade to ant 1.6.2 to support nested tasks
made httpclient non-optional to be able to access its URIUtils class
configuration to use user-home as root
build windows filename according to the documentation. e.g. file:///c:/dir, file:////unchost/uncshare
now uses NtlmPasswordAuthentication for credentials passing
fix for special characters in username/password
allow domains with DOMAIN\USERNAME syntax
2005-Jul-5 commons-vfs 1.0 RC2
Notice: Some tests may fail unless you've followed the necessary setup
as described here:
This is ok; the jar will still be fine.
Fixed multi-threading problems with ftp and webdav scheme
Some documentation issues
other minor fixes
2005-Jun-29 commons-vfs 1.0 RC1
Started the release cylce