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<title>Commons Virtual File System</title>
<author email="">James Strachan</author>
<section name="Commons Virtual File System">
Commons VFS provides a single API for accessing
various different file systems. It presents a uniform view of
the files from various different sources, such as the files on
local disk, on an HTTP server, or inside a Zip archive.
<p>Some of the features of Commons VFS are:</p>
A single consistent API for accessing files of different
<li>Support for numerous
<a href="filesystems.html">file system types</a>
Caching of file information. Caches information in-JVM,
and optionally can cache remote file information on the
local file system.
<li>Event delivery.</li>
Support for logical file systems made up of files from
various different file systems.
Utilities for integrating Commons VFS into applications,
such as a VFS-aware ClassLoader and URLStreamHandlerFactory.
<li>A set of VFS-enabled
<a href="anttasks.html">Ant tasks</a>
<section name="News">
<p>2005-09-26 - RC4 some enhancements - see RELEASE_NOTES.txt</p>
<p>2005-08-13 - RC3</p>
<p>2005-07-05 - RC2 - includes multi-threading fixes for ftp and webdav</p>
<p>2005-06-29 - RC1</p>
<p>2005-06-19 - Again refactored filename parsing. sftp now accepts files with space in
their filename</p>
<p>2005-05-24 - Moved VFS out of sandbox into proper. What a great day!</p>
<p>2005-05 - Find the "How to setup a VFS Testserver" documentation in the developer
<p>2005-03 - easier configuration for plugins - see api section for details</p>
<p>2005-03 - The filename parsing and api has changed.
<li>Now it is needed to encode the '%' sign using '%25'</li>
<li>It is no longer needed to encode the '!' sign when using nested archives (tar, jar, ...).
Now you
encode it if you would like to use it in your filename
<li>It is no longer needed to double-encode the filename when using layered names.
<li>Depending on the filesystem special characters in your filename could automatically be
has been moved to