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<title>Apache Commons Text Changes</title>
<release version="1.0" date="tba" description="tba">
<action issue="SANDBOX-497" type="fix" dev="kinow">IP clearance for the names package</action>
<action issue="SANDBOX-496" type="add" dev="kinow">Write user guide</action>
<action issue="SANDBOX-488" type="fix" dev="kinow">Work on the string metric, distance, and similarity definitions for the project</action>
<action issue="SANDBOX-487" type="add" dev="kinow">Human name parser</action>
<action issue="SANDBOX-492" type="fix" dev="kinow" due-to="Jonathan baker">Create StringDistanceFrom class that contains a StringMetric and the "left" side string. This would have a method that accepts the "right" side string to test.</action>
<action issue="SANDBOX-490" type="add" dev="kinow">Add Cosine Similarity and Cosine Distance</action>
<action issue="SANDBOX-493" type="fix" dev="kinow" due-to="Jonathan Baker">Change (R) left, CS right) to "apply" so that it is consistent with BiFunction.</action>
<action issue="SANDBOX-491" type="fix" dev="kinow" due-to="Jonathan Baker">Allow extra information (e.g. Levenshtein threshold) to be stored as (final) fields in the StringMetric instance.</action>
<action issue="SANDBOX-486" type="add" dev="kinow">Port Myers algorithm from [collections]</action>
<action issue="SANDBOX-485" type="add" dev="kinow">Add Hamming distance</action>
<action issue="SANDBOX-483" type="add" dev="kinow" due-to="britter">Incorporate String algorithms from Commons Lang</action>