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Apache Commons RNG 1.2 RELEASE NOTES
The Apache Commons RNG team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Commons RNG 1.2
The Apache Commons RNG project provides pure-Java implementation of pseudo-random generators.
This is a minor release of Apache Commons RNG, containing a few new features and performance improvements. Apache Commons RNG 1.2 contains the following library modules:
commons-rng-client-api (requires Java 6)
commons-rng-core (requires Java 6)
commons-rng-simple (requires Java 6)
commons-rng-sampling (requires Java 6) The code in module 'commons-rng-core' should not be accessed directly by applications as a future release might make use of the JPMS modularization feature available in Java 9+.
Additional code is provided in the following module:
commons-rng-examples (requires Java 9) It is however not part of the official API and no compatibility should be expected in subsequent releases.
It must be noted that, due to the nature of random number generation, some of unit tests are bound to fail with some probability.
The 'maven-surefire-plugin' is configured to re-run tests that fail, and pass the build if they succeed within the allotted number of reruns (the test will be marked as 'flaky' in the report).
Changes in this version include:
New features:
o RNG-62: New "CombinationSampler" class. Thanks to Alex D. Herbert.
Fixed Bugs:
o RNG-59: Use JDK's "SecureRandom" to seed the "SeedFactory".
o RNG-56: "ZigguratNormalizedGaussianSampler": Missing statements in least used branch.
o RNG-55: "UnitSphereSampler": Prevent returning NaN components and forbid
negative dimension. Thanks to Alex D. Herbert.
o RNG-63: "NumberFactory": Some methods have become obsolete following RNG-57.
o RNG-64: "PermutationSampler" and "CombinationSampler" shared code moved to a utility class. Thanks to Alex D. Herbert.
o RNG-61: "PermutationSampler": Performance improvement. Thanks to Alex D. Herbert.
o RNG-57: Cache for using up all the bits provided by the underlying source of randomness. Thanks to Alex D. Herbert.
o RNG-60: Use random seeds for unit testing.
o RNG-52: Set conservative upper bound in "LargePoissonSampler" to avoid truncation.
o RNG-58: Allow part of RNG state to be contained in base classes, e.g. to enable
caching in common code (see RNG-57).
o RNG-51: "PoissonSampler": Performance improvement. Thanks to Alex D. Herbert.
For complete information on Apache Commons RNG, including instructions on how to submit bug reports,
patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the Apache Commons RNG website: