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<title>Apache Commons RDF Release Notes</title>
<release version="0.6.0" date="20YY-MM-DD" description="Minor feature and bug fix release.">
<action dev="ggregory" type="update" due-to="Gary Gregory">
Update commons.japicmp.version 0.11.0 -> 0.15.3.
<release version="0.5.0" date="2017-11-19" description="Minor feature and bug fix release.">
<action type="fix" issue="COMMONSRDF-47">
RDFSyntax should be interface, not enum
<action type="fix" issue="COMMONSRDF-51">
RDF-1.1 specifies that language tags need to be compared using lower-case
<action type="fix" issue="COMMONSRDF-52">
Duplicate Bundle-SymbolicName values across all components
<action type="fix" issue="COMMONSRDF-55">
Stream of Jena quads use wrong IRI for default graph
<action type="fix" issue="COMMONSRDF-57">
Use newer dependency Jena/RDF4J/JSONLD Java
<action type="fix" issue="COMMONSRDF-62">
japicmp-maven-plugin breaking build because there is at least one incompatibility
<action type="fix" issue="COMMONSRDF-63">
AbstractRDFParserTest.parseFile and parseFileContentType broken under Mac OS X
<action type="fix" issue="COMMONSRDF-66">
JenaDatasetImpl.toString() throws RIOT exception
<action type="add" issue="COMMONSRDF-53">
Add ServiceLoader support in OSGi
<action type="add" issue="COMMONSRDF-54">
overloaded versions of RDF4J#asRDFTerm(org.eclipse.rdf4j.model.Value)
<action type="add" issue="COMMONSRDF-59">
Fix javadocs warnings
<action type="add" issue="COMMONSRDF-64">
Add Automatic-Module-Name to bundle manifest
<action type="add" issue="COMMONSRDF-65">
Upgrade to Jena 3.4.0, RDF4J 2.2.2
<action type="add" issue="COMMONSRDF-70">
Upgrade Jena version to 3.5.0
<release version="0.3.0-incubating" date="2016-11-15" description="Minor feature and bug fix release.">
<!-- TODO -->
<release version="0.2.0-incubating" date="2016-09-27" description="Minor feature and bug fix release.">
<!-- TODO -->
<release version="0.1.0-incubating" date="2016-08-24" description="Initial Release">
<action type="add">
Initial Release.