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<document xmlns=""
<title>Commons OGNL Changes</title>
<release version="4.0-incubating" date="TBD" description="First ASF release under Incubation.">
<action issue="" type="update" dev="nhojpatrick">
Upgrade to JUnit v4.13.1
<action issue="OGNL-39" type="update" dev="mcucchiara">
Simplify OgnlRuntime: Greatly simplified OgnlRuntime, delegating away responsibilities to several new classes.
Caching responsibilities are now taken by a new OgnlCache class.
Added new classes PrimitiveWrapperClasses, NumericCasts, PrimitiveDefaults, NumericValues, PrimitiveTypes,
NumericLiterals and NumericDefaults. (contributed by Adrian Cumiskey).
<action issue="OGNL-38" type="update" dev="mcucchiara">Use StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer, deprecate
greater than JDK 5 conditionals and use CONSTANT.equals(variable) (contributed by Adrian Cumiskey).
<action issue="OGNL-37" type="fix" dev="mcucchiara">Findbugs fixes (contributed by Adrian Cumiskey).</action>
<action issue="OGNL-35" type="update" dev="mcucchiara">Improvements to {List,Map,Array}PropertyAccessor and
ASTProperty (contributed by Adrian Cumiskey).
<action issue="OGNL-36" type="fix" dev="mcucchiara">Link "Benchmarks" on left hand navigation is broken
(contributed by Adrian Cumiskey).
<action issue="OGNL-33" type="update" dev="mcucchiara">Improvements to JJTOgnlParserState (contributed by Adrian
<action issue="OGNL-32" type="update" dev="mcucchiara">CPD fix to ASTProperty (contributed by Adrian Cumiskey).
<action issue="OGNL-31" type="update" dev="mcucchiara">Some CPD fixes around ASTMethod and ASTStaticMethod
(contributed by Adrian Cumiskey).
<action issue="OGNL-28" type="update" dev="mcucchiara">Visitor pattern needs way to propagate exceptions
(contributed by Daniel Pitts).
<action issue="OGNL-27" type="update" dev="simonetripodi">Move "toString" implementations into visitor pattern
(contributed by Daniel Pitts).
<action issue="OGNL-26" type="update" dev="grobmeier">JUnit Tests produce confusing output.</action>
<action issue="OGNL-23" type="fix" dev="simonetripodi">Class.forName() usage is malicious inside OSGi (contributed
by Adrian Cumiskey)
<action issue="OGNL-22" type="update" dev="mcucchiara">Change the generics signature of ClassCache and
ClassCacheImpl (with contributions by Daniel Pitts)
<action issue="OGNL-21" type="update" dev="grobmeier">Remove dead and broken code from OgnlRuntime/SimpleNode
(with contributions by Daniel Pitts)
<action issue="OGNL-20" type="update" dev="mcucchiara, simonetripodi">Performance - Replace synchronized blocks
with ReentrantReadWriteLock (with contributions by Daniel Pitts)
<action issue="OGNL-24" type="update" dev="grobmeier">Support visitor pattern on AST (contributed by Daniel Pitts)
<action issue="OGNL-17" type="update" dev="mcucchiara">Links "Download" and "Release Notes" do not work</action>
<action issue="OGNL-15" type="update" dev="simonetripodi">OGNL needs a new Logo</action>
<action issue="OGNL-14" type="update" dev="mcucchiara">Documentation site has to be published</action>
<action issue="OGNL-13" type="update" dev="simonetripodi">Ant maintenance</action>
<action issue="OGNL-10" type="update" dev="simonetripodi">Update the User/Developer guide according the Commons
<action issue="OGNL-9" type="update" dev="mcucchiara, simonetripodi">Upgrade JUnit to version4</action>
<action issue="OGNL-8" type="update" dev="grobmeier">enabled generation of javacc Parser classes</action>
<action issue="OGNL-6" type="update" dev="simonetripodi">Upgrade groupId/artifactId/version on pom</action>
<action issue="OGNL-2" type="update" dev="">Update legals to all OGNL file</action>
<action issue="OGNL-1" type="update" dev="lukaszlenart">Import the OGNL codebase</action>
<!-- UPDATE -->
<action type="update" dev="ggregory" due-to="Dependabot">Bump build-helper-maven-plugin from 3.2.0 to 3.3.0 #61.</action>
<action type="update" dev="ggregory" due-to="Dependabot">Bump h2 from 2.0.202 to 2.1.210 #57, #62.</action>
<action type="update" dev="ggregory" due-to="Dependabot">Bump ognl from 3.3.0 to 3.3.2 #59.</action>
<action type="update" dev="ggregory" due-to="Dependabot">Bump maven-javadoc-plugin 3.2.0 from to 3.3.1.</action>
<action type="update" dev="ggregory" due-to="Dependabot">Bump slf4j-api from 1.7.32 to 1.7.36 #66.</action>
<action type="update" dev="ggregory" due-to="Dependabot">Bump actions/checkout from 2 to 3 #68.</action>
<action type="update" dev="ggregory" due-to="Dependabot">Bump taglist-maven-plugin from 2.4 to 3.0.0 #65.</action>
<action type="update" dev="ggregory" due-to="Dependabot">Bump maven-jar-plugin from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2 #63.</action>
<action type="update" dev="ggregory" due-to="Dependabot">Bump actions/setup-java from 2 to 3 #70.</action>
<action type="update" dev="ggregory" due-to="Dependabot">Bump commons-parent from 52 to 53 #69.</action>