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<title>Tasks: To Do</title>
<section name="Aim">
<p>This page aims to be a handy reference of work pending for the next
planned release. Users who want new features should submit patches to this
page in the unclassified section. Developers who want to lend a hand can
grab tasks from this page. Everyone can see the progress which is being
<section name="TODO list">
<p>The following is a list of items still <code>TODO</code> for Math.
Contributions are welcome!</p>
<subsection name="Documentation and Code Conformance Tasks">
<p>Many of these will always be a required. Please focus on applying
format standards and provide as many test cases as possible for your
<dt>Performance and accuracy testing.</dt>
<dd>If anyone is interested in helping out here, we could really use
a wider selection of test cases for the core numerical functions and
validation against either other packages (e.g. R for the statistical
stuff), verified datasets, or experiments comparing implementions
using floats to doubles.</dd>
<dt>Test Coverage.</dt>
<dd>Clover tests show some remaining gaps in test path coverage. Goal
is to get all tests to 100% coverage. Also improve test data and
boundary conditions coverage.</dd>
<dt>Code review.</dt>
<p>Code review is a continuous process that all Contributors and
Developers should practice while working on the code base.</p>
<li>Verify that the code matches the documentation and identify
inefficiencies or numerical problems. All feedback/suggestions
for improvement/patches are welcome.</li>
<section name="Future Goals">
<subsection name="Delayed Tasks slated for the next release of the Math library">
<li>More inference methods</li>
<li>Multiple regression</li>
<dt>Linear Algebra</dt>
<li>More matrix decompositions (Cholesky, QR, SVD) and framework
to support.</li>
<li>Sparse matrices</li>