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<title>TODO (or not todo)</title>
<author email="">Aaron Smuts</author>
<section name="TODO">
The following is a list of items that need to be completed in
JCS. Contributions are welcome! If you want to get involved,
its as easy as reading the <a href="/site/source.html">source
page</a> and the <a href="/turbine/common/code-standards.html">
coding guidelines</a> established for Turbine family of projects.
<li>Turbine service for JCS</li>
<li>XML-RPC lateral cache completion</li>
<li>Javagroups lateral cache</li>
<li>Applet or command line XML-RPC monitor client</li>
<li>Session distribution testing</li>
<li>XML config</li>
Run-time auxiliary selection (establish all lateral
available and choose via access)</li> <li>Idle time check in
hub on get ( only check maxLife expiration now)
<li>Memory shrinker improvements</li>
<li>More structured documentation</li>
Rename Composite cache to CacheHub and
ElementAttributes copy -- maybe create new constructor, avoid
<li>Torque JCS integration</li>
<li>LFU memory cache</li>
<li>Lateral Token ring locking</li>
<li>Cluster architecture proposals</li>
<li>JUnit tests</li>
<li>Embedded servlet options</li>
<li>JMS lateral cache</li>
<li>Disk and lateral cache refactoring</li>
<li>Profile LinkedQueue -- the faster the better</li>